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28. january 2012 at 1:03 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow readers! :-)
I was considering to write an article about "Innocence" past few days, and instead of acctualy doing it, I was dreaming and thinking about it. And when I finally moved my self, and sat down to my laptop, turned blog.cz, I relized , that the week theme has been changed :-D.
Isn't that hilarious? ? :-D
I had few prepared thoughts for the last theme, but on the other hand this one is for me maybe better.
So lets get started.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: What am I usually using

The general meaning: Social networks.

The title it self gives us a hand and tells us that "social" means something with people and network tells us that is is probably a web page on the internet.
When we connect these two words together, the first thing what comes to everybodys mind is probably some imagination of a internet webpage where you could registrate yourself and create your profile and SHARE something with others, photos, your thoughts, articles, your location (Forsquare), where and what to eat (Oink) or where you can find people and meet them (Facebook, Lide, Badoo,....)

The original prognosis:

Scientists, programators, ordinary people....They never thought that this little spirit to build something like social networks would be like HUGE success and everybody will be using it since it's establishing (in general meaning).
There were speculations like "who will want to reveal such important information about themselves", " There's no reason to use something like social networks". "It will be huge failure"
And today? After establishing few social networks (myspace, youtube, chat services, etc...), it was really huge invention, everybody started to using it.
It has conection with lowering the price for computers, so get computer, internet connection was easier - so the access to social networks was easier. BOOM! Expansion.

Right time, right idea, right code = Facebook / twitter

How many social networks were here before Facebook or twitter? Hundreds?Thousands? I don't know.
But no one, not a single social website was so original and offered you to post your thoughts in a timeline. = Twitter.

(In Czech Republic, it's not so common to have twitter account and if it is, I know lot of czech people which still don't know how to use twitter - because fact, that they meet facebook before twitter and thats the problem.)

Any way, it was huge succes, twitter. In USA milions of people started using twitter, posting their thoughts. The new thing was that you could - FOLLOW - somebody. When you start to follow somebody on twitter, you will recieve his thoughts - his tweets. So when you are (like me) in good group, when you find your little group of followers, it is pretty usefull.
But, there is a limit for your "tweet", and it is 140 words. It's like sms.
You will recieve nice hints, nice thoughts, nice photos. And it is also usefull when you are following some company - they usually post sales, new products immediately after releasing, you can guess = on twitter.
So when you're following them, you could save money, get information really from the first hand.

So this was twitter. Brand new original social network. But again, it wasn't enough.

Then was released facebook. The biggest social network ever. Why?
Whole years, there was an idea, really hanging in the air. Nobody grabbed it.
Only one guy had the right moment, Mark Zuckerberg.
He actually grabbed everything from general social networks and put it into his own and created facebook.
People was curious, you know. Everybody is curious and this is why is this such a big success.
People could find out everything in exchange of their own information.
People could play games, share photos, videos, their location, get into a relationship, have family members, get tagged in pictures, share thoughts, like someones statuses etc....
As I said, really the first one, who came with everything on ONE PLACE and that's the key.

This is pretty new social network comparing with others. The system of this social network is nearly the same like twitter. The only difference is that you are posting pictures instead of tweets(thoughts...). The rest is the same, you could follow others, like their pictures and add comments.

Me and my "disease":

Me and facebook.
It all started in late 2003. I was visiting my cousin, he just arrived from USA, that time. As he was showing us his pictures he also told us that, friends from his work abroad told him to create an account on Facebook.
They told him, that he could stay in touch with them through the Facebook. It was easy access to communication for people from all over the world.
So I've decided to create an account too.
The first facebook was much different from todays facebook.
There was a main page, something like overview. It was without games, without timeline, no digital things to throw at somebody. Really simple pages and profiles.
Maybe better.
And in two years, it has been changed to completely different look.

Me and twitter:
The first time when I've noticed, that there is an app like twitter, was of course after I bought an iPhone. My first one, the black iPhone 3G. It was not so interesting app for me, when I saw it in appstore. At first I wasn't sure for what is that app useful.
But when a man join Apple "society", sooner or later, you will get the great apps like others and you'll probably want to find other people with same interests.Like me.

My twitter "age" is now about 2 years. I have about 60 followers and 70 people I'm following. It's like my little family. I like them, they are usually tweeting REASONABLE tweets(posts, thoughts..), so no crappy things like on Facebook.

My hypothesis:

I think there will be always social networks, because we are now in cybernetic age so they couldn't, the can not disappear. The number of social networks might increase in future, because there is some tendency to connect the world and dismiss borders.
The only thing what would be still changing is the name, system and protocol of the sites.
I mean, that facebook will start loosing members. People'll get boring and they'll want to try something new. So they will probably transfer to twitter, because of intellectual level.
And again after some time they will do the same, transferring onto new service.
The second step, what I think that could be possible is, that in farer future there'll be less, less social networks. Less sites like facebook, twitter..etc.
What could happen, by my opinion is, that it could be only one site, one social network with all people from all over the world. Connecting everyone and everything. But thats probably the example of really far future.

And what is Your idea? What do you think?
Do you like social networks? Is it good idea or not?
Are you signed in some of social networks what I've mentioned in the article?

Thank you for your time and comments


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1 Ebolin Ebolin | Web | 28. january 2012 at 6:52 | React

Ano, já taky občas nestíhám psát na TT :-)
A jinak - dobře napsáno!

2 doDina doDina | Web | 29. january 2012 at 0:54 | React

this article could be good, but I think it has nothing to say, unfortunately...maybe just one idea - you dont use G+ :D  ...but I'm glad to read it, and I hope you dont wanna leave this crap just because of stupid system of saving articles ;) don't forget some people read you when they are bored ;-)
keep calm, it's just writting ;)

3 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 29. january 2012 at 12:29 | React

[2]: Thanks:-)

4 Cirrat Cirrat | Web | 30. january 2012 at 14:59 | React

Dude, it's probably surprising, but nearly every time since March 1st, 2010 the Theme of the week was, is and will be changed during Monday morning. It's very rare that one prompt is on longer.
You should really follow the appropriate blog (tema.blog.cz) to be informed about what's going on with this feature.

Anyroad, as I am the one who choses the posts for the tema.blog.cz for this prompt, here's your feedback (just that you know that I was here and read your post and all): not bad, man, but nothing stellar either.

First, be wary of typos and missing words. There are some. Second, as doDina said, you're not really communicating much with this article. Concentrate more on what YOU want to say and what YOU want your readers to get. Add more of your own experiences or talk more about those mentioned - for example, I would be really interested in reading about Facebook in 2003, since I've joined around 2008 I think.

It's a pity - if there was such an article here, or comparison of FB today to FB then or more about Twitter (this is 2nd article I've met after reading 18 pages full of links to posts about social networks that mentions Twitter more than in passing), you could have made it.

But, don't worry. There will be other prompts (are you interested in writing about Despair, for example?), and we are capable of reading your articles in English without problems. So, no discrimination here.

Now if you blogged in French or Hungaian - that might pose a problem... 8-)

5 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 30. january 2012 at 22:05 | React

[4]: Thanks, soo soo much for your reply. It means a lot to me, and I´ll do my best to write better article next time.
You know, I am no pro, still learning.


6 Cirrat Cirrat | Web | 31. january 2012 at 16:06 | React

[5]: Sure. Will do my best to provide some feedback. If I won't appear by myself, feel free to remind me...

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