January 2012

Week theme: Social networks

28. january 2012 at 1:03 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow readers! :-)
I was considering to write an article about "Innocence" past few days, and instead of acctualy doing it, I was dreaming and thinking about it. And when I finally moved my self, and sat down to my laptop, turned blog.cz, I relized , that the week theme has been changed :-D.
Isn't that hilarious? ? :-D
I had few prepared thoughts for the last theme, but on the other hand this one is for me maybe better.
So lets get started.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: What am I usually using

The general meaning: Social networks.

The title it self gives us a hand and tells us that "social" means something with people and network tells us that is is probably a web page on the internet.
When we connect these two words together, the first thing what comes to everybodys mind is probably some imagination of a internet webpage where you could registrate yourself and create your profile and SHARE something with others, photos, your thoughts, articles, your location (Forsquare), where and what to eat (Oink) or where you can find people and meet them (Facebook, Lide, Badoo,....)

The original prognosis:

Scientists, programators, ordinary people....They never thought that this little spirit to build something like social networks would be like HUGE success and everybody will be using it since it's establishing (in general meaning).
There were speculations like "who will want to reveal such important information about themselves", " There's no reason to use something like social networks". "It will be huge failure"
And today? After establishing few social networks (myspace, youtube, chat services, etc...), it was really huge invention, everybody started to using it.
It has conection with lowering the price for computers, so get computer, internet connection was easier - so the access to social networks was easier. BOOM! Expansion.

Right time, right idea, right code = Facebook / twitter

How many social networks were here before Facebook or twitter? Hundreds?Thousands? I don't know.
But no one, not a single social website was so original and offered you to post your thoughts in a timeline. = Twitter.

(In Czech Republic, it's not so common to have twitter account and if it is, I know lot of czech people which still don't know how to use twitter - because fact, that they meet facebook before twitter and thats the problem.)

Any way, it was huge succes, twitter. In USA milions of people started using twitter, posting their thoughts. The new thing was that you could - FOLLOW - somebody. When you start to follow somebody on twitter, you will recieve his thoughts - his tweets. So when you are (like me) in good group, when you find your little group of followers, it is pretty usefull.
But, there is a limit for your "tweet", and it is 140 words. It's like sms.
You will recieve nice hints, nice thoughts, nice photos. And it is also usefull when you are following some company - they usually post sales, new products immediately after releasing, you can guess = on twitter.
So when you're following them, you could save money, get information really from the first hand.

So this was twitter. Brand new original social network. But again, it wasn't enough.

Then was released facebook. The biggest social network ever. Why?
Whole years, there was an idea, really hanging in the air. Nobody grabbed it.
Only one guy had the right moment, Mark Zuckerberg.
He actually grabbed everything from general social networks and put it into his own and created facebook.
People was curious, you know. Everybody is curious and this is why is this such a big success.
People could find out everything in exchange of their own information.
People could play games, share photos, videos, their location, get into a relationship, have family members, get tagged in pictures, share thoughts, like someones statuses etc....
As I said, really the first one, who came with everything on ONE PLACE and that's the key.

This is pretty new social network comparing with others. The system of this social network is nearly the same like twitter. The only difference is that you are posting pictures instead of tweets(thoughts...). The rest is the same, you could follow others, like their pictures and add comments.

Me and my "disease":

Me and facebook.
It all started in late 2003. I was visiting my cousin, he just arrived from USA, that time. As he was showing us his pictures he also told us that, friends from his work abroad told him to create an account on Facebook.
They told him, that he could stay in touch with them through the Facebook. It was easy access to communication for people from all over the world.
So I've decided to create an account too.
The first facebook was much different from todays facebook.
There was a main page, something like overview. It was without games, without timeline, no digital things to throw at somebody. Really simple pages and profiles.
Maybe better.
And in two years, it has been changed to completely different look.

Me and twitter:
The first time when I've noticed, that there is an app like twitter, was of course after I bought an iPhone. My first one, the black iPhone 3G. It was not so interesting app for me, when I saw it in appstore. At first I wasn't sure for what is that app useful.
But when a man join Apple "society", sooner or later, you will get the great apps like others and you'll probably want to find other people with same interests.Like me.

My twitter "age" is now about 2 years. I have about 60 followers and 70 people I'm following. It's like my little family. I like them, they are usually tweeting REASONABLE tweets(posts, thoughts..), so no crappy things like on Facebook.

My hypothesis:

I think there will be always social networks, because we are now in cybernetic age so they couldn't, the can not disappear. The number of social networks might increase in future, because there is some tendency to connect the world and dismiss borders.
The only thing what would be still changing is the name, system and protocol of the sites.
I mean, that facebook will start loosing members. People'll get boring and they'll want to try something new. So they will probably transfer to twitter, because of intellectual level.
And again after some time they will do the same, transferring onto new service.
The second step, what I think that could be possible is, that in farer future there'll be less, less social networks. Less sites like facebook, twitter..etc.
What could happen, by my opinion is, that it could be only one site, one social network with all people from all over the world. Connecting everyone and everything. But thats probably the example of really far future.

And what is Your idea? What do you think?
Do you like social networks? Is it good idea or not?
Are you signed in some of social networks what I've mentioned in the article?

Thank you for your time and comments


Poslední kapka - končím

23. january 2012 at 23:06 | Halfdann
Je konec,

nebaví mě to. Tady to přeteklo. Doufám že alespoň tohle doleze celý.

Po 3 hodinách psaní pořádnýho článku na Téma týdne se to záhadně v portovalo do článku který byl napsán před pár dny.
A navíc je z toho jenom půlka...a to se to pravidelně ukládalo celý.
VYPÍÍÍÍČENEJ SYSTEM. Jo, budu sprostej, říkejte si co chcete.

Takže sem se smolil s článkem kterej bude mít opravdu hodnotu na úrovní, o angličtině ani nemluvim jak sem to tu z hlavy lovil.
A co z toho NIC. Půlka, ani ne možná čtvrtka.

Není poprvý co tenhle kravskej blogovej systém selhal a zabugoval.

Bestak ne to nebudu mít čas. Seru na to a du jinam.

Mějte se tu krásně a přeju hodně úspěchů a krasných článku. Třeba se vám to povede narozdíl odeme.

Sice za tu svojí maličkou komunitku lidí kteří zato stáli a občas sem zašli to bylo k něčemu psát anglicky či fotit a něco předat. Ale pro ten zbytek, na to se můžu zvysoka....

Nemluvě o tom že jako KRYPL jsem tenhle blog 8....ANO...celých 8 měsícu cpal..a procpal do AUTORSKÝHO KLUBU. Přes všechny ty blbosti okolo. Přes všechny ty ochotný lidi..co mi pomáhali se tam dostat a porazit.

Všecko hezký jedou končí.....



Instagram: Photo 18

19. january 2012 at 12:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
This picture couldn't be better described than with a sentence like this:

"Feeling sick and cold, nothing's better than hot tee with ginger in an old vintage mug "

What a classic, just luv these old, grandmas' mugs.

Pretty nice picture, maybe it's because of my mouse in the backround and the mousepad. :-)

Instagram: Photo 17

19. january 2012 at 11:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
This one is just attempt to take a picture of a new watch wich my dad gave to me.
They are pretty big, but I like them. I think that they are just, how to say it, fit with me.

I'am no expert in watch field or fashion, maybe you are. Give some feedback for me, if you like it or not.
Maybe if you are girl, you'll better understand to fashion, maybe 100times more than me :-D

Instagram: Photo 16

19. january 2012 at 10:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram

Hehe. Just kidding. This instagram picture is pretty old, kind of a archive, you know. Nevertheless, it's quite interesting, I think.

And the "adults only", was because in this picture is alcohol. If am I right, this one was vodka with melon flavour :-), kinda sweet and YUMMY :-) - seriously recommending for you, for adults (Don't want to mess with the law :-D)

Well instead of dividing into two instagram articles, I decided to put the next picture here too, because of the same topic - alcohol - just differend kinds :-).

This one is quite better for me. I am such a lover of everything what I can consume - or drink. For example coffee...and VINE ! :-) This one is from Sykora s.r.o and it is "Rulandské modré r. 2010". - good flavour, good year - recommending.

Instagram: Photo 15

18. january 2012 at 23:35 | Halfdann |  Instagram
As I promised, here's the brand new Instagram photo, well photos. And it will be more of it, every hour so stay tuned :-).

Again, cats, AKA - WIlliam again. You know that I love our two lazy cats.
To be true, I often taking pictures of them every day, but the good ones usually appear once in a month, because taking pictures of a cats without good camera requires a lot of time, because they are in motion....every god damned second :-D.

But in this time, I caught him well seated ....YES!..Finally :-).


And the second one was taken in my bedroom, he just jumped on my window roof, he is doing that all the time. But this time, he was really in good mood that he was so curious and decided to "visit" me and go inside of my bedroom :-).

OK, so the next instagram pictures will be here tomorrow.

Passed with distinction!

18. january 2012 at 23:18 | Halfdann |  All about..
Greetings fellow readers! ! !

Only some of you could maybe imagine how happy was I today and nervous at the same time.
As I told you twice, that I did Cambridge English exam, PET, today was the big day for me.
At 10:00 UK time, all results have been published on Cambridge site.

Could you imagine, how I probably felt when I was logging into my profile there?!
But what I wanted to see there, was there - the bold sign - PASSED.

It was even better, it said PASS with distinction - I really didn't knew what was distinction. But now, I know it :-), really flattered. The same meaning in czech is "vyznamenani". I had 91% from 4 tests together :-). Maybe the best thest what I've ever done :-)

So I wanted to share this big news with you.
And I would like to thank to all of you who wished me luck, 'cause here were few people who did that :-), so thank you :-)


PS: Be ready for few new Instagram photos, 'cause I am really in a good mood, so I'll probably add some and set a timer to tomorrow morning :-)

Halfdann's life

11. january 2012 at 13:19 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
"Greetings fellow warriors, this is Sheldor the Conqueror", :-D (TBBT)

Hi to all of you. First of all, I would like to wish you health, luck and lots of fulfilled wishes and dreams in new year, because this is my first article in 2012.

Yes, it is pretty long time since my last article and I finally could share everything with you, because I feel sick today, so I stayed home today, trying to heal up in bed with a laptop on my chest. :-D

So lets get back 2 months and I will tell you what I was doing and why I was so busy.
"It was warm summer evening in ancient Greek,...." :-D, ok now seriously.

I serously began to be more interested in dubsteb, drum and bass or breakbeat music, but mostly dubsteb. Also in the last article I shared with you my first mash up remix.
So this "new wave" in my life changed me a bit like everything in my life is affecting me so this "caused" me a new hairstyle.
Shorter like never before. Going out with new people.

In November it has started new season of playing with my band for me. In November it's just start so, there were several Fridays or Saturdays of playing, just like in December. But I needed it so bad, because my financial situation was really terrible. I had few debts and no extra money, and Christmas was comming, and I had no money so it was really stresfull time, you know. But I managed to make it, and now I am completely satisfied because debts are payed off and more money are on the way because now in January I have band concerts every weekend - so more money, thank god.
(Well I want to buy new better laptop, or new Nikon D90, so I need to play :-D)

Another stresfull thing for me was, that I was on the Cambridge English test, the PET test. It was at the beginning of December I think, and I still don't know my results. But I am praying and hope so much that I passed the exam.
It was pretty weird for me, sitting in college classroom with other 95 people. I was the only one of my age.
The others were only, only 25-40 years old teachers.
The exam time for me was like 8 hours in Ceske Budejovice just for the one exam. BUT I was OH MY GOD so LUCKY, that I had to stayed there only for 2 hours.

I tell you why. Well, everybody after finishing listening and writing exam have to go to speaking part.
Speaking part was in pairs of 2 people. At first my speaking part was about 18:00, but they changed my time from 18:00 to about 11:00.
When I asked why, they told me, that I was in pair with a young mother with baby which has been born just 2 weeks ago and the baby needs to be with mother and cannot wait so long without her.
So they were so kind to her and moved the time for her from 18:00 to 11:00.

AND I WAS IN PAIR with her. ! Yepee. :-)
So I finished the first exams and wait maybe 20 minutes, and then go with the young mother - oh, she was so gorgeous ! - to the speaking part. And after 10 minutes it was done.
So imagine how lucky was I?
There were 95 people most of them were old teachers, and I get young, gorgeous girl about 25 years old. Oh man :-), how lucky was I.
Nevertheless, I still don't know the results. I will know them in the second half of this month, so wish me luck :-).

28-30th December:
The best Christmas time, ever.
I maybe told you before that once I met a girl in MMORPG game Lineage II, about 7 years ago.
I stayed in touch with her and 2 years ago we finally met in person on a concert of DIMMU BORGIR in Prague.
Last year, 2011, we met again in a concert of WITHIN TEMPTATION in Prague. - Beautiful time with her :-).
And after the W.T. concert in Prague, we missed each other so bad, that I told her if it's possible to go to her place, that I'll might have time in 28-30 december, the only free time what I got in December.
She told me that it's perfect and it could go out.

But my situation was still bad, you know, the money.
So I lent more money for a Christmas gift for her :-). I found perfect, stainless steel, double necklace.
A small puzzle in a shape of heart :-). Beautiful. (I gived it to her with words like, "in this way we could be still together")

Then new concert appeared for me with my band. A concert in 27th December.
It solved my problem with the journey, because I earned money for the trip to her place.
But the concert lasted in 3 am in the morning so I was home about 4 in the morning, slept for 1 hour and then took a bus to C.Budejovice in 6 AM, then bus to Prague in 7 AM, and then bus to Pastviny (Letohrad,Žamberk,) in 11 AM.
And i arrived to her's 15 PM :-D.

Road about 700 KM, costs about 1200 Kč with all things. But it was definately WORTH IT!!!

And New Year I started with a concert with my band wich was so nicely payed that I payed off all by debts and still get extra for me.

And the best thing what I have achieve in a mash up in 3 months is, that I am interested in Reiki...and the things around..
It taught me also the girl where I was on Christmas holidays.

And thats maybe the end of my part 1.
I will add probably next article depending on reactions to this article.

See you.