October 2011

Night club

20. october 2011 at 10:54 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hi fellow blog friends.
Few months ago two of my friends recommend to me some books. They told me that they read them maybe four times, that the book is completely outstanding and MIND BLOWING.
Well I didn't / don't read at all, only one book (fantasy, sci fi something like MMORPG book). So I was a bit afraid of the new book which they recommended to me. Afraid of loosing time, literally wasting time on the book.
After two months,they overcome me how they was lying on my bed. So I began to read the first issue.
My mind was totally stunned. Really mind blowing.
I was really confused by myself because, you know. Someone who don't read at all finishes a book with 420 pages in two days. For me it's really odd.
Immediately after I finished the fist book, I began the second one.
So why am I writing this? Because I was and I am so excited about the book. And I want to spread this knowing about this book to all people, who didn't heard about the book yet.

The book is called " Night Club (noční klub) " by Jiří Kulhánek .
Here are some links into e-stores:

Community of writers fan and book fan , is pretty big. So I am expecting that some of you've already heard of the book and maybe have read something different than Night Club.

Really looking forward to your comments. Share opinions.
Hope that some of you read the book and share with me your feelings, first feelings and favourite characters.

See ya. Halfdann

New beginning (long report)

9. october 2011 at 16:55 | Halfdann |  All about..
Greetings to all of you again.
I would like to appologize, because I was really busy since my last article. I am also glad that my blog is still member of Atorsky Klub, because I didn't put here any articles etc.

Well today I will share some information why I was busy.

1. Second trip to London.

Heh :). Yep, it's right. I was in London for the second time. Now I was something like extra supervisor because I joined a trip with my mom and her school class. (She teaches English on a highschool and she managed this trip).
Even though I was a supervisor, I still had to pay for this trip - but nevermind :).
The worse thing on the trip was that we travelled by bus. It was Mercedes, so it was pretty fancy bus, but still I hate buses. From my little town to London it tooked us 22 hours and back about 27 because of some car accident and traffic jam, you know.

But it was still worth it. I love london. I bought there really nice shirt/jacket for 45 pounds. Wheeeeee! :-D (I will put here the picture of it)
It was pretty cool, even I was there before and I saw all the buildings and historical things, I enjoyed it again.
It was even better because in mom's class are 25 students - SO! - it means that my mom had to look for some other school classes to fill seats in the bus.
When I saw what school is traveling with us. My jaw was on the ground. 25 free spaces, were filled with 21 girls.
And I was in CLOSE space with them for 6 days :-).

I mean, so pretty girls.

In that moment, I was really thinging about suicide.

Thank God, that I am such a talkative person and like to meet new people because, after this trip, when I arrive home I got :-D....about 18 friend invitations on my FB page :-D. Seriously = LOL :-D.
But most of them were really nice girls, polite, friendly etc.
I am glad that I met them. :)
Well, I will add here only the picture with the jacket, I think the rest of London you can read or look in the first article of my trip to London.

2. Trip to Doubí (near Třeboň), AKA - Week full of sport

Week in a sport areal guarded by School. Every year, every graduating class is undertaking this trip to Doubí to have a nice week only with students of the class and do some exercises. Tennis,football,basketball,ringo, ping-pong, running, cycling and many more.
I was looking forward to this trip since I got to this school, because my sister was also there.
And some of you could knew that I like sport really much, so I enjoyed it really well, even though I had sorethroat, headache etc :-D. I just "sport" it through. :-D
Kidding - I was taking some pills and drinking good alcohol there (ilegaly).

3. Partys

Every friday and saturday, we usually go with my friends to a pub and have a couple beers etc. And if we don't, we are sitting in front of a computer and playing LAN games :-D.
So this is another reason why I was so busy :-D.

4. Graduating class

I am in the class what will be graduationg next year, so we are in hurry a bit. Expectations are so high.

5. Within Temptation

Yeah! You heard me! I will be on 21.October in Prague on their concert. Another 3 days which I will be away from keyboard.

6. Studying for a test ( Cambridge certificate )
Yep. I will need this certificate in my life, and when I was doing some preparing test, they told me that I could do even better Cambridge test. But I am fine with the PET level, I can't underestimate the tests. Fisrt certificate would be too much for me, I think. Listening or speaking would be ok, maybe - but writing is not my suit.

So that's it.
That's the news in my life. And what is your news? Share with me/us.
Leave comment or reply, thank you.