September 2011

Instagram,Snapseed and my life

5. september 2011 at 8:59 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings to all of you.
I have been busy since last article so today I will add more stuff to you.
I am also really angry about the new user features what created few weeks ago - because typing in this god damned not so user friendly text bar is really annoying, when I have English PC, english kayboard and system. Also the textbar is so badly working that in PC world it could not be recognized as a text bar, ironic right?!

So this is the reason why I always get angry after 2 minutes of typing when non of my features works here.

Lets get back to the topic.

So since the last article, I really started to use my camera and my new applications on iPhone.
And results are great, I think. The new app Snap
seed is really great. Skylines, clouds, nature looks even better when I use the "Drama" filter effect.

(Some of them are maybe "fast" pictures because some of them are taken when I was in a car, so speed maybe did some effect)

I had a birthday!
Yepee.! :-D LOL
Unfortunately I had a birthday. Everyone is looking forward to their birthday, I am not. Because my birthday is on 1st of September. First day of next school year, damn.
I am 19, and this year will be the last year in the school, aw meeeen!
I must say that I feel a bit nervous just now, and what about 10 months later? I will be dead maybe :-D, dead because of stress.

Have you heard of badoo yet? I have, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought that it would be another stupid social networ or something. But whe nI saw a free app to my iPhone, I thought that I could try it, so after few days I had over 30 new mutal attractions :-D LOL, well you will understand when I am trying to find some girl you know, and when you set up the filter to 20 kilometres far from your position and no longer, it yould be really useful. I must say that from the 30 ppl is maybe 2 or 3 chances to meet them acctualy. Maybe. Maybe. Well I keep trying, man never know when it could help. BTW: If you are about 20 km far from me, and if you are a girl...:-D Let me know, right? :-D

New hairstyle.
I don't really know if I said it too, maybe I said, but I was again in barbers'. I just can't help my self, my hair are growing so fast so quickly, that I had to went there again. But this time I said I want a bit change so this time I have abit shorter hair, maybe the most short in 2 or 3 years :-D LOL.

READY TO ROCK 'n' ROLL. AKA: - Trip to London UK, again!!!
Hell yeah! Next week I will be in London again, with class what teaches my mother.
I will be something like, supervisor or translator sometimes. But I didn't mind. I like children, I love UK and it will be LEGEN......wait for it...DARYYYY.
Buckle up, after my arrival I hope I will share tons of new photos!

Breaking rules.
What rules? My rules.
I used to write short articles. And do you know why?
Besides the fact that I am lazy guy?
People usually don't like reading at all, and they don't like long articles. Their attention is maybe like attention of a mosquito or a fly.
So when I started this blog, I said to myself that I will post only small, short articles because it is faster, better, and it will keep attention of readers longer and they will maybe finish the article to it's end.

BUT now, I seriously doubt it. :-D.
Let me know if you finish this article, the whole article, and then you can say to your self "Yep, I am good".

Anyway, let me know if you want something to add, something to know, or just share your opinions to my points and thoughts.

See ya later


My story: Week theme

5. september 2011 at 8:38 | Halfdann |  All about..
The story of the young boy: AKA where it all begins.

Once upon a time, about 9 years ago, there was a young boy David. He didn't know much about computers at all.
Sometimes his father allowed him to play a Harry Potter video game on his work computer, but that was all.
He didn't have his own PC yet.
He was used to play with LEGO toys and listen music all the time.
Besides he was really young, his favourite bands were Nirvana, Linkin Park, P.O.D. and some songs from Metallica.

After a year when he was about 11 years old he finally got his computer which he bought from his uncle. It was really old PC but he was so glad that he could have something, some PC, that he could play the really vintage video games on a super old PC like 300 mhz processor.

Again after a year he bought a newer computer which had processor about 600 mhz. It was alredy bought from his uncle, because he started to work for a computer company.
At this point, when little David nearly 12 he was asked by his parents if he want to go to see their friends in a near town.

At first he was refusing to go, because there was no reason to go there. The family had two brothers about 20 years old and for 11 years old David it wasn't so interesting, he thought that there is no chance to have fun there, they was just too old for him.

But from unexpected reason he finally went to see them.

After David's family arrived to their friends, he felt really shy to go there but they was nice to him and showed him where were their boys. Their mother told him that little David will like it, that boys are now playing some computer games.
After this David was more interested to this.

Really, the boys were maybe old but they were really nice to him and also let him play some games and show him some new tips and tricks.
After they finished playing Age of Empires multiplayer with their friend from the town, they told him if he want to play Counter Strike.
Little David knew this game a bit so he said that he cloud play it.
After they launched the game he asked David if he have some name, or how nickname he want.

He was a bit confused, because he didn't have such thing as a nickname.
So the boy asked him again and again, and then he explain to him what does it mean to have a nickname.
He said " Come on, just say something, pick someone. You know? Like me, I had also one nickname, NEON. What nickname do you want?"

Little David was still confused, but he answered spontaneously... XENON.(Because first thing what appeared in his head was lights what are used in car tuning - neon, xenon)

And that was the start of a new era of little David. That was his first nickname.

This was the most interesting and the most important part of his life on PC.

Because with this nickname he went through playing travian...playing bitefight and a really succesfull Call of Duty clan Dark Warriors or Fatal Error.
Then little David created whole new blog, it was his first blog. It was called Mc Royal Blog.
This blog was deleted last year because this new blog.
But visites on the mc royal blog was about 90 000 wich was really cool.

Since the day when was Xenon nickname born, he went really long path through new nicknames.
Some of them was completely pointles but some of them crated a name on the internet.

And thats the story of a young boy called Xenon.

See ya later guys. Leave comment.

Halfdann (Xenon,Ragnok,Ethernity,Graveworm,Elohain,Thorkell...)