Office drumming: Disunion

9. august 2011 at 23:39 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Greetings fellaz!

I nearly forgot, that I have one drumming episode un-uploaded on my hard disc. I recorded this song maybe 4 months ago because of my friend Nela. She wanted to cover this song for her birthday, so I did that. And it wasn't so bad, even now when I am listening to this cover, I think it isn't that bad.

Well in todays cover episode I'm covering one great czech band from Prague, our capital city. The band is called DIVINE, and the great song is Disunion. I hope you'll like it, it is a great mixture of a male growl and a female tender voice :), I like music styles like this.

So here it is, enjoy and leave comment. Thank you.



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1 doDina doDina | Web | 10. august 2011 at 2:31 | React

:-)It's kinda funny...I've never met somebody who ever, at least, heard about Divine, except one guy - their guitarist.(Yea I know him a bit and i'm so proud of it:P he is a star. rockstar ;-) ). It seems like that 'impress' it's soft word for me.
I won't talk about the cover, it's great, you are very good. So keep playing ;)

2 Zízíbí Zízíbí | Web | 10. august 2011 at 10:51 | React

Wow... great!

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