August 2011

Instagram: Photo 14

18. august 2011 at 16:34 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings photographers :).

I forgot to add the second picture wich is maybe better than Instagram Photo 13. So I will release it today and I really know that everybody will like it :), it is just obvious, you will see.

Ye, ye yeah, I know ! It is again picture of a cat, but cats are so adorable and fluffy - IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!! :-D
So in the picture you can see my friends cat, I alredy forgot his name but it was kinda funny name, nevermind.
Anyway, the cat is ONLY 7 monts old, can you believe it? This is some special breed so this cats are so big and they are growing for 2 years. Interesting.
So here's the picture. Leave comment guys, what do you think? :)


Instagram: Photo 13

15. august 2011 at 18:32 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings young photographers!!

Today is the best time to post here some of my instagram pictures - and do you know why?!
I tell you why, because I am so angry about the weather outside. I thought that it is summer, but obviously I'm wrong.
Here in my hometown Trhove Sviny is raining sice 13:30pm. And I was outside with my friends and I got wet really hard, DAMN!

So I think it's good to see something nice, something beautiful like the pictures what I am about to share with you.

Well this one is taken when I was cycling back home from Borovany (10km from my home). And during the road I was a bit boored, and I started to look around and I saw THIS

and I just had to take a photo of this beautiful view :).

What do you think? Leave a comment.


Summer report: Part One

12. august 2011 at 12:00 | Halfdann |  Thoughts

Greetings fellow readers, as I promised in the comment page, in todays article I will share few photos from my trip from Jeseniky this summer.

The first photo of my trip was taken in Olomouc, where we went for a lunch to one of local pizza restaurants. Then we got back to cars and ride to Jesenik, I think, and not so far from the city was the purpose of our trip - to try the adrenalin park.

At first we thought, that we will try paintball, but when we saw the rope lane we had to try it. Of course we picked the hardest part of it with my friend.

After a short introduction we've been ready to rock 'n' roll. :)

From the photos it maybe look easy, but some of the exercises was pretty hard and tricky. And it was about 5-6m high in the trees, so another cup of adrenalin :). (We was secure on 2 safety ropes, so it was good)

Thank god that I have such a strong arms from drumming, because this one was pretty hard so I went through it just with hands :-D LOL.

I hated this one, it was called "Half-eyes from ropes".

Thank god that I have such loooooooooong legs :-D.

Hell yeah big slide to the end.

So the black lane was 310m long with 41 difficulties.

I've put here just few photos of them. I can really recommend this adrenalin exercise to you, it was great fun.

Let's go to another adrenalin sport. After we finished the rope lane where I got hurt a bit :-D (god damned my leg hurt for 3 weeks), we went to paint ball :). I've tried paintball for the first time, I always wanted to try it, so I was really excited about it. And it was huge fun. I got shot only 3-4 times and it didn't hurt so much, but one of them I got to a sensitive spot :-D and it was pretty "ouchy" :-D.

After we changed the clothes from the paintball, it wasn't still enough for me so I wanted to try the climbing wall :). But I was so tired from the rope lane and paintball, so I climbed up top the easy track and half of the hard track. ( Well I wasn't tired, but my arms were from the rope lane which I went through mainly with arms :-D - lazy boy )

Well and after the wall, I decided to take a nap :-D, and try the bungee trampoline, which I've never tried before too. And it was also great fun :).

So this is the end of the first day.
Thank you for your patience see you in part two.


Office drumming: Disunion

9. august 2011 at 23:39 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Greetings fellaz!

I nearly forgot, that I have one drumming episode un-uploaded on my hard disc. I recorded this song maybe 4 months ago because of my friend Nela. She wanted to cover this song for her birthday, so I did that. And it wasn't so bad, even now when I am listening to this cover, I think it isn't that bad.

Well in todays cover episode I'm covering one great czech band from Prague, our capital city. The band is called DIVINE, and the great song is Disunion. I hope you'll like it, it is a great mixture of a male growl and a female tender voice :), I like music styles like this.

So here it is, enjoy and leave comment. Thank you.