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19. july 2011 at 19:52 | Halfdann |  All about..
Hi fellow readers!

How are you and what are you doing? I am exited about your free time and activities in your holiday schedule :D, because now I'm gonna tell you mine.

Well I will start with the camp as I told you so before.
So from 1st July to 15th July I was working as a instructor for children at Summer children camp - this year's topic was " The school of magic arts" (not Harry potter).
It was so so huge fun with lots of friends of mine and children from South Bohemia and maybe few children from other parts of Czech republic.
I enjoyed it so much and just now I am already looking forward to next year.

I made lots of "sketch" :-D, lots of funny scenes for children. I even sing for them ( I don't sing at all) so it was fun.

And thanks to all of my scenes and funny things what I have prepared and invented for them - I really raised my reputation so the elders and leaders of the camp told me " Dave, YOU have to go next year, because without you, there will be no fun at all". So I am really glad and flattered. :)

After my arrival, I was 2 days in a pub with all of my friends (adults) from the camp. And it was some disco in town so we went there too.
I tried to dance DnB style what I was practising and training few months ago - It was soo soo great :).

Well and now?
I caught one free wifi hotspot in a hotel from what I'm currently typing this article. We are staying in this hotel with my family, my bestfriend's family and also with my ex-girlfriend :-D.
So we are here - here in Jeseníky - on a trip, to enjoy the beautiful nature, but the main reason why we travelled here was - ADRENALIN CENTRE -. muhuha :-D

Today we went to adrenalin centre near our hotel in Rýmařov. So I tried lots of exercises what I have never tried before and I mean:

- Paintball
- Ropelane (lanová dráha samozdřejmě ČERNÁ trať ta nejtěžší :-D)
- Rock climbing wall (horolezecká stěna)
- Bungee trampoline (Bungee trampolína )

I can say that I am completely exhausted, so I am now enjoying glass of beer and this calm spot where I am trying to write this article.

BTW: When I was at lunch in a restaurant in Jesenik town - OH YEAH - I met Barbora Zemanová and Olga Lounová.

OH YEAAAAH__!!!! My favourite czech stars so I took a photo with them, I will add it after I came back home.

With all the best


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1 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 22. july 2011 at 11:04 | React

Congratulations ;)
Glad to hear you were doing well :D I tend to be frightened of little kids when I'm around them too much, so I doubt I'd do anything as good as you ;)
(Not to mention they'd become deaf if I sang to them :D)
You're so lucky with paintball ;_; And the rock climbing wall, too! Aww, I wish I could try them.
However, I just finished my Japanese lessons and was on a Thai massage yesterday. And finally, after six months, my back stopped to hurt :3 So now I'm resting. (Meaning I spend all the day with watching videos, sleeping or playing Dragon Age 2 :D)
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Halfdann ;)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | 22. july 2011 at 15:16 | React

Oh maann! That Thai massage sounds great, I will need them maybe in a future :-D, I can bet myself that my back will also hurt, you know, from school chairs and sitting in front of computer.
I am still impressed that you are so so good and learning the difficult language - japanese xD good for you.

Dragon Age 2? No way! I've finished the game twice, it's my most favourite RPG game ever - outstanding graphics, intuitive controls, battles etc. - I think there's only one thing what I hate on the game - still the same dungeons and maps :-( maybe you'll agree with me.
Thank you for your comment, enjoy the game and relaxing :)

See ya

3 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 23. july 2011 at 17:37 | React

Yeah, I know what you mean with the school chairs. Luckily, the chair I have at home is super-comfortable, so I don't need to worry :-D
And Japanese isn't that hard - once you get into it, it's okay ^^ (But the teacher said it's easy only for the first two years, so...)

Oh, yours too? I'm glad to hear that. I don't mind the same dungeons much, but lately, it has been a bit annoying. But new DLC, Legacy, is coming out in three days, so I can't wait to try it! ^^
Oh, thanks :)

4 Ilma Ilma | Email | Web | 25. july 2011 at 2:46 | React

It's good that the camp was nice.. With ex girlfriend at the hotel it must be interesting. Put photos here.

5 Zízíbí Zízíbí | Web | 28. july 2011 at 23:47 | React

Camp... Velké sKaliny? 8-O

6 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 29. july 2011 at 18:48 | React

Nope. Camp Nakolice near Nove Hrady in Jihocesky kraj

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