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31. july 2011 at 11:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Wassap' photographers,
buckle up and be ready for my new instagram chapters.

This one was taken from a quite long road, at least for me, to Praďed observation tower, when I was on a trip in Jeseniky.
It was great trip, I was really glad that I could see this.
And after I finally got up top, to the tower, I've enjoyed Kofola with my friends and then I payed 100CZK for a cycle downhill :).
It was again great adrenalin - because we caught some "happy hour" and everyone was just walking up so we had to "dodge" many tourists :-D.

My friend also turned on his GPS in iPhone, because we wanted to know how fast we could ride.
At the base we checked the GPS and it showed exactly 60 KM/H, but we could go faster because of that many "damn" people walking in groups everywhere on the road so we had to pull down sometimes. Summary was 60 km/h top speed, average was about 30 km/h. But it was great fun.

The road was 2,5 KM long and it took 6 minutes to get us down the hill.
When we were walking up the hill by foot, it took us 1,2 Hour.

Isn't it great? :-D

Well that's the story, but the main thing is right here, the view, what we saw.


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