Beloved vacation- farewell

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Greetings fellow, warriors, bloggers, musician, artists, students, mothers, fathers, memas(grandmothers) grandfathers, boys and girls.

I have to say goodbye for a while, because here the big holidays comes and we all are ready to go somewhere special or do something different then sitting in front of our PC's.
So I am trying to say, that I will be away for 14 days because I will be instructor in a children camp.
When I come back, I will stay at home maybe for a day and then I will travel with my family and friends to Jeseniky adrenalin centrum for 4 days. And on road back to our homes, I will travel on my own (alone) to Usti nad Orlici and then I take a bus to Pastviny.

I go there because of my really good friend Maeve (her nickname). We were playing Lineage (Online game) with each other for 5 years maybe. And then after such a long time we finally met on a concert in Prague - it was Dimmu Borgir concert.
So it is over year since I last saw her - and I took advantage of our trip because the family trip isn't so far from her home town, so I will travel to her - YEPEEEE !!!

So the first month I will be wild in wilderness :-D.

And the second month, I am not sure what I will be doing, maybe I will try LARP finally :).

And what about you guys? What you will be doing whole holiday. Where will you go?
Share with me :)

See ya


EDITED:// 1.July 21:44 -

Here is for you the song of my holiday, also the rhythm says "lets rock! and enjoy ourselves". So this is my tip for you :), I know that I am fan of another kind of music but I like some songs like that. Se ya


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1 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 1. july 2011 at 20:44 | React

Oh, I hope the kids won't eat you up :D (We all know they can be like that!)
And enjoy the rest of your trip as well ;)
I'm having Japanese lessons from 11th July - and I'm also spending two wonderful weeks with my girlfriend <3 ^^ But nothing else, so I should make myself use the time and write. But who knows...
But once again - enjoy yourself, Halfdann ;)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 1. july 2011 at 23:15 | React

[1]:  Oh yeah, you are right :-D. Btw japanese lessons? Oh my, that must be really hard to learn this language, isn't it? And I envy you your time with your girlfriend, 'cause I'm single ..damned :-D, maybe I catch some soulmate this summer, wish me luck :-D.
Thank you for you comment and your wishes, I wish you the same, have a great holiday and enjoy yourself.

See ya

3 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 2. july 2011 at 10:00 | React

[2]: Well, once you get into it, Japanese isn't that hard ;) For me, the hardest part are the kanji characters, but the rest is okay. I believe you will meet your soulmate - and good luck with that ;)
Thanks a lot :)

4 HowardMay34 HowardMay34 | Email | Web | 19. july 2011 at 7:24 | React

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