July 2011

Instagram: Photo 12

31. july 2011 at 12:30 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Here we go with the last instagram chapter, at least for today.


This picutre is taken when I arrived at home from the trip. Our lazy cat Hellmut was sleeping on our garden furniture. I wanted to took a photo of him, when he was sleeping, but I wasn't so quiet so I woke him up, but even I woke him up I press the button on my cellphone camera and I took this picture :-D, LUCKY ME.

Instagram: Photo 11

31. july 2011 at 12:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Today I will share lots of articles and maybe some of you could see that I've started with photos from my trip to Jeseniky.

Anyway, heres the second one.
And when I summing my trip up, this picture was taken earlier than the picture with the observation tower... nevermind.

Well, this picture is from Olomouc I think, the picture was taken the first day on our trip, and it was taken on our rest from a long "journey". (About 300 km)

Speaking of firstness, in the picture is a brand of beer what I've also had for the first time :), and it was delicious.

Instagram: Photo 10

31. july 2011 at 11:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Wassap' photographers,
buckle up and be ready for my new instagram chapters.

This one was taken from a quite long road, at least for me, to Praďed observation tower, when I was on a trip in Jeseniky.
It was great trip, I was really glad that I could see this.
And after I finally got up top, to the tower, I've enjoyed Kofola with my friends and then I payed 100CZK for a cycle downhill :).
It was again great adrenalin - because we caught some "happy hour" and everyone was just walking up so we had to "dodge" many tourists :-D.

My friend also turned on his GPS in iPhone, because we wanted to know how fast we could ride.
At the base we checked the GPS and it showed exactly 60 KM/H, but we could go faster because of that many "damn" people walking in groups everywhere on the road so we had to pull down sometimes. Summary was 60 km/h top speed, average was about 30 km/h. But it was great fun.

The road was 2,5 KM long and it took 6 minutes to get us down the hill.
When we were walking up the hill by foot, it took us 1,2 Hour.

Isn't it great? :-D

Well that's the story, but the main thing is right here, the view, what we saw.

How to control people

23. july 2011 at 14:08 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow citizens :-D :),

today I want to show you one great song, one great remix by my favourite DnB artist - Netsky.
Let's say that this is another summer music tip for you, because this song, this remix is definately my expresion of this summer holidays.

Let me introduce the story and my idea of controling many people through music.
As I said before, that I was on a children summer camp in the beginning of this summer holiday, we've created for 70 children small disco party. Paja, the leader, brought a laptop to the camp and Pepa (the elder) brought a power generator, so we could use the laptop longer.

Paja as a DJ of the party said, that if we want we could copy into his laptop some music for the party. So I've choosen the Netsky -Everyday remix. I was a bit afraid that he will refuse my song because, I thought that he will play only some really known songs or czech classics - Helena Vondrackova,Kabat,Krystof etc etc. Or maybe some disco music from radio Faktor but not Netsky because nobody heard about him in the camp.

The opposite is true.It was colosal.

At first, Paja the DJ stopped the music and said: " Now people listen. Now we are gonna play one song choosen by David (halfdann). It was his wish so lets ROCK!"

Then I went up on the mini stage, where the DJ was. So everybody could saw me, because the stage was a bit higher then dance floor and then.....I started to control the people.

Exactly, like in the video clip.

" Thank you, thank you Paja"
"Hi everybody, let's enjoy this song"
"I wanna see everybody in here. Everybody on the dance floor"
"Shhhh, Shhh"
"Calm dawn, be quiet"
"Hands down....."
"Now slooooowly raise your hands"
"Here it is.....Here it is"
"Come on....come on yo!"
"NOW! Wave both of your hands like me !!!"


The athmosphere was outstanding. The feeling. When I saw 70 children with 10 leaders down there on the dance floor looking at me and doing exactly what I was telling them.
Amazing feeling, 80 people waving precisely just like the rythm.

I think you will understand only if you watch this video clip.

Enjoy the power of this song.

Summer report

19. july 2011 at 19:52 | Halfdann |  All about..
Hi fellow readers!

How are you and what are you doing? I am exited about your free time and activities in your holiday schedule :D, because now I'm gonna tell you mine.

Well I will start with the camp as I told you so before.
So from 1st July to 15th July I was working as a instructor for children at Summer children camp - this year's topic was " The school of magic arts" (not Harry potter).
It was so so huge fun with lots of friends of mine and children from South Bohemia and maybe few children from other parts of Czech republic.
I enjoyed it so much and just now I am already looking forward to next year.

I made lots of "sketch" :-D, lots of funny scenes for children. I even sing for them ( I don't sing at all) so it was fun.

And thanks to all of my scenes and funny things what I have prepared and invented for them - I really raised my reputation so the elders and leaders of the camp told me " Dave, YOU have to go next year, because without you, there will be no fun at all". So I am really glad and flattered. :)

After my arrival, I was 2 days in a pub with all of my friends (adults) from the camp. And it was some disco in town so we went there too.
I tried to dance DnB style what I was practising and training few months ago - It was soo soo great :).

Well and now?
I caught one free wifi hotspot in a hotel from what I'm currently typing this article. We are staying in this hotel with my family, my bestfriend's family and also with my ex-girlfriend :-D.
So we are here - here in Jeseníky - on a trip, to enjoy the beautiful nature, but the main reason why we travelled here was - ADRENALIN CENTRE -. muhuha :-D

Today we went to adrenalin centre near our hotel in Rýmařov. So I tried lots of exercises what I have never tried before and I mean:

- Paintball
- Ropelane (lanová dráha samozdřejmě ČERNÁ trať ta nejtěžší :-D)
- Rock climbing wall (horolezecká stěna)
- Bungee trampoline (Bungee trampolína )

I can say that I am completely exhausted, so I am now enjoying glass of beer and this calm spot where I am trying to write this article.

BTW: When I was at lunch in a restaurant in Jesenik town - OH YEAH - I met Barbora Zemanová and Olga Lounová.

OH YEAAAAH__!!!! My favourite czech stars so I took a photo with them, I will add it after I came back home.

With all the best


Beloved vacation- farewell

1. july 2011 at 18:26 | Halfdann |  All about..
Greetings fellow, warriors, bloggers, musician, artists, students, mothers, fathers, memas(grandmothers) grandfathers, boys and girls.

I have to say goodbye for a while, because here the big holidays comes and we all are ready to go somewhere special or do something different then sitting in front of our PC's.
So I am trying to say, that I will be away for 14 days because I will be instructor in a children camp.
When I come back, I will stay at home maybe for a day and then I will travel with my family and friends to Jeseniky adrenalin centrum for 4 days. And on road back to our homes, I will travel on my own (alone) to Usti nad Orlici and then I take a bus to Pastviny.

I go there because of my really good friend Maeve (her nickname). We were playing Lineage (Online game) with each other for 5 years maybe. And then after such a long time we finally met on a concert in Prague - it was Dimmu Borgir concert.
So it is over year since I last saw her - and I took advantage of our trip because the family trip isn't so far from her home town, so I will travel to her - YEPEEEE !!!

So the first month I will be wild in wilderness :-D.

And the second month, I am not sure what I will be doing, maybe I will try LARP finally :).

And what about you guys? What you will be doing whole holiday. Where will you go?
Share with me :)

See ya


EDITED:// 1.July 21:44 -

Here is for you the song of my holiday, also the rhythm says "lets rock! and enjoy ourselves". So this is my tip for you :), I know that I am fan of another kind of music but I like some songs like that. Se ya