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Greetings fellow time travelers. :)

This week's theme is TimeMachine. Things what comes to my mind when I think about it is a bit different and various.
Because I am really huge fan of apple company and their products, kinda apple geek, so the first think what I'm thinking of is TimeMachine as a program used for doing backups for your computer or laptop and looks like this-

Besides the TimeMachine as a application, there is general imagination about that. TimeMachine as some machine that allows us to travel in time. We could saw some time machines in several movies like Back to the future, Big bang theory etc.
Or in a few computer games.

But from the machines what I saw, I would pick only one little machine what allowed time travel.
Maybe boys will now it, my imagination of the machine is like from computer game called TimeShift.
In that game you was equipped with small device on your hand and with that device you could control the time for some amount of time.
You could stop the time or slow time or rewind the time. But you could do that only from 5 to 20 seconds, I think.
So it's not so much.

The reason why I would choose this device for time travel is simple, I don't want to control the time for such a long period of time, I don't want to see the past, control or change it and also I don't want to see the future.
Because I think that would be dangerous and it could completely change our lives like it was in a movie called "Butterfly Effect " (really kick-ass film)


So the small device what could control the time only for a short period of time could be useful and not so dangerous for me and people around me.

What do you think? If you will have to choose from time machines what I mentioned in my article, what type of time machine would you choose? Do you think that you could handle such big force and responsibility? :)

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1 Dubious cat Dubious cat | Web | 6. june 2011 at 13:34 | React

hey I'm really glad that you've joined to the "topic of the week" It's really interesting to read something different :)
I don't know the game you've mentioned but I would probably choose the Time machine of Dr. Evil 'cause the spiral looks really cool:)

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