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18. june 2011 at 15:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
OK ok. This would be the last picture of this day, I think, but it is another picture of my cat :-D.
I know, I know, but cats are cute, right?! Everybody loves them, so why not! :)
So, this is also my cat, but not William, this is Hellmut. Don't ask me why we gave him this name, my father always wanted cat Helmut so we have Helmut. ( Maybe his stupidness has something to do with his name, but he is soo soooo nice and cute and fluffy)
Nevertheless, when we had a barbecue yesterday he was laying on a grass when I took the picture. His look is just funny :)

Do you like cats just luke me?

Have a look, this is Hellmut.


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1 Babe Babe | Email | Web | 18. june 2011 at 16:25 | React

Meaw :P :D

2 A. A. | Web | 19. june 2011 at 11:38 | React

Eh... To není možný. Do devatenácti let mě žádná učitelka nepřinutila se nějak zvlášť věnovat angličtině. Ale sedmnáctiletý mladík mě donutil... Zvláštní. :)

3 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 19. june 2011 at 14:14 | React

How many cats do you have, exactly? And yeas, I do like cats - they're noble and elegant, maybe a little aloof, too.
And I can't help but just love this photo, by the way ;)

4 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 19. june 2011 at 14:30 | React

[3]: Only two cats :), William and Helmut. At first we had only William but after few months he suddenly came home with ill lonely sick cat (Helmut). So we decided to keep Helmut and take care of him - he is now so happy and so so grateful that we keep him. He just got lucky and found us thanks to William, and now I am happy too because I like Hellmut somuch :)

5 Garou-tan Garou-tan | Web | 19. june 2011 at 14:39 | React

[4]: Oh, I see. That was really nice of you :) And of William of course.

6 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | 30. june 2011 at 19:12 | React

Jeee, krásna mačka :-)... My máme momentálne 5 mačiek, 2 dospelé a 3 mačence :-D

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