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Greetings fellow readers,

another week theme, another good topic. Week ago there was a topic focused on time traveling or time machines, if you will.
So I am really glad that we have another really wide topic that we can spoke about and it is Universe.

"So sit down, it's time for Halfdann's beloved christmas special" :-D
/Edited quote from TV series The Big bang theory/

Non-proffesionalist in a astrophysics field, ordinary people like me, when they try to think about universe, their first thought is "how it all happened?" or "why it all happened and what was before". These questions are really driving me crazy and not only me i think.
There are several hypothesis about the origin of our universe, the one hypothesis what I believe that could be true is based on a case that there exist more universes. More universes and parallel universes.
This hypothesis is speaking of flat universes, like a desk and they are near each other, if you will. So in the case, that these two parallel universes get close together that they are able to crash to each other.
So I believe that origin of our universes was cause of a big crash of these two "desks", two parallel universes to each other - so the reaction happened on both sides of the desks and on the one side is now our universe.
This hypothesis could be true only if the string theory or M-Theory are correct.

So if all this, what I just said would be true, that would be origin of our universe.

But on the other side, after we solve this question, thru this hypothesis, we will have another question about the two parallel universes and their origin and if we solve their origin there will be another question - What was before ?

And here we got our - cursed circle.
We have many hypothesis about our origin and origin of all things but the one what I believe now is just this only one with the string theory. Maybe I'll change my opinion in a future.
We don't know about it so much, so I'll leave you with my favourite theory and recommend you a short film what could give you some presentation and imagination of this hypothesis -
Watch the episode with the science or physics the one episode is focused on what I have spoken about, it's really interesting.

Let's get back to our topic "universe".
The other or the next thing what people are interested in is, the question if we are here alone or not. The odds and probability, that we are here alone is so low I think, that we should't believe, that we are here alone. There are so so many galaxies and planets that it's probably true that somewhere outside of our galaxy is some developed life form.
I also believe that IN OUR galaxy is life not in a developed form like us, but life means also microorganisms, so thats why I believe in it too.

The last part of my article is about the title "Design your universe".
The title was an inspiration from a new CD released by band " EPICA ", the cd is called "design your universe".
It's just inspiration in a title, there is no thing in common with this problematics, but I like the statement and thanks to this statement, nice thought comes to my mind. We are such a great life forms in a universe, in a huge space, so we can "design" our life, our universe thank to our free will. At least most of the people in developed countries.
And if we are the lucky persons who were born to a good family in a good country/state - we can do nearly everything - so this is a little spirit of my imagination and thru it I give you the opportunity to think about your life and things what you can achieve in your life.


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1 books-is-our-life books-is-our-life | 14. june 2011 at 13:42 | React

Hezkej blog. :)
Okomentuj náš. :)

2 Matt Matt | Email | Web | 14. june 2011 at 13:46 | React

How did you make this transparent/translucent background?

3 Matthias Matthias | Email | Web | 14. june 2011 at 15:26 | React

díky, vypadá to jako hrozná drbačka ale :)

4 Cirrat za Téma blog Cirrat za Téma blog | Web | 20. june 2011 at 21:44 | React

Good job, nice read, you're in my "editor's choice" for the Theme of the Week :-)

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