June 2011

Instagram: photo 9

18. june 2011 at 15:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
OK ok. This would be the last picture of this day, I think, but it is another picture of my cat :-D.
I know, I know, but cats are cute, right?! Everybody loves them, so why not! :)
So, this is also my cat, but not William, this is Hellmut. Don't ask me why we gave him this name, my father always wanted cat Helmut so we have Helmut. ( Maybe his stupidness has something to do with his name, but he is soo soooo nice and cute and fluffy)
Nevertheless, when we had a barbecue yesterday he was laying on a grass when I took the picture. His look is just funny :)

Do you like cats just luke me?

Have a look, this is Hellmut.

Instagram: photo 8

18. june 2011 at 14:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Hell yeah. This picture was taken when I was celebrating my friend's birthday so we was in a local bar. My friend recommended us to have some vodka from finland called "Koskenkorva", I think. IT WAS AWESOME FLAVOR.
So when we had next shots I took a picture. I didn't even want to blur it up, but when I run the picture thru the instagram filter, it look just great. What do you think?

Oh, and what about the koskenkorva, vodka from finland. Have you ever try it? What's your opinion on the flavor etc.? (adults only)

Instagram: photo 7

18. june 2011 at 13:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Another picture of our cat. This picture isn't so old, because I've been taking photos of our lazy cats really often so it's maybe one month or two old.
If you saw my previous pictures you can recognize that this is my cat William. That day, when the picture was taken, he was really in good mood (which is not often), so I took the chance and try to took a photo of him.
And I was pretty lucky, because I think that this picture is really amazing. I like it very much. I think that the poster on the wall behind William gives to the picture really nice... .. .. atmosphere :).

Have look & enjoy.

Instagram: Photo 6

18. june 2011 at 12:00 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Another pretty old picture what I found deep inside of my iPhone library, is quite interesting.
This picture was taken in my uncle's house. What you could see in the picture is his birthday gift from his son.
It's the most beautiful hologram what I've ever seen. Yeah, you are reading right - hologram -. That means you could put your finger thru the lightbulb.
And when you turn it off, the red light, red hologram disappear.
Pretty nice.

Have a look.

Instagram: Photo 5

17. june 2011 at 23:15 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings fellow photographers.

I am here with another pictures for my instagram category. I've made 2 pictures in two days, nothing special I know, but when I was cleaning my space in iPhone library, I found lots of photos what I never released on my instagram program. I don't even edited them with a filter. Well nevermind. I chosen the very best pictures and I will show them to you.

So this picture is the oldest from the pictures what I found - it's a over year old picture taken in the winter morning when I was walking to school. I probably found the situation exciting so i took a picture of a great snow.

Enjoy a memory of winter in summer :)

Instagram: Photo 4

15. june 2011 at 10:40 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings fellow photographers,

today I wanna show you one picture what was taken yesterday on our football pitch. I was there with my friends just for fun and also for relax after we played basketball also with my friends dog.

Hers name is "Gity"? I'm not sure what is the right name but my friend shouted at her always "Getynko", so I really dont know, it's a hard name I think :-D.

Nevertheless, I took the chance when Gettynka was sitting in front of us and expecting that we gave to her some treats, when she saw us eating some chips and sweets :).

What a cute dog :).

Design your Universe

14. june 2011 at 12:18 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow readers,

another week theme, another good topic. Week ago there was a topic focused on time traveling or time machines, if you will.
So I am really glad that we have another really wide topic that we can spoke about and it is Universe.

"So sit down, it's time for Halfdann's beloved christmas special" :-D
/Edited quote from TV series The Big bang theory/

Important for wallpaper lovers!

13. june 2011 at 12:02 | Halfdann |  Instagram
What's up photographers and wallpaper lovers!

This is for me really great news, because I am the kind of guy who like wallpapers really much and I'm changing wallpapers often. I love abstract wallpapers, fantasy, girls etc.

And today when I was reading my twitter I found one retweet from one guy who was posting a link to some site with wallpapers. Well at the first time I pass the tweet and didn't pay much attention on it.
But after few minutes it comes to me mind, "What if that site will be really awesome?".
And my curiousness with my interest in wallpapers were too strong to pass the tweet with the link again.

I am really glad that I visit the site, IT'S AWESOME. Really, I have lots of sites with never ending amounts of wallpapers, but this one is the best what I've ever visit. Even the design of the site is incredibly good.

Well visit it on your own and you'll see what I mean.
I think everyone will find there what he like and if you like wallpapers like me, it's even better news for you then.


BTW: Do you like wallpapers and their changing on your desktop like I do?


Instagram: Photo 3

11. june 2011 at 13:05 | Halfdann |  Instagram
Greetings photographers :)

Today I took really funny picture in the morning. I wanted to have a yogurt "Jogobella", I think that everybody knows the yogurt. So I picked one with strawberry flavor, but I also saw a bowl with strawberries from our garden.
So I put a few strawberries into a strawberry yogurt.

Nothing special, but when I saw the yogurt with our strawberries, I started to laugh really loud :-D.
Well have a look , and leave a comment.

" When I opened the yogurt I saw - Oh my God! What a big fruit pieces!!! " :-D

Office Drumming: KoRn

11. june 2011 at 12:56 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Greetings fellow musicians :-),
finally after a month maybe, I caught a time for my recording and finally made 2 video episodes.
This is the first one what I want to show and share with you the second one I'll add also today after I come bac from tennis, so you can looking forward to it.

I don't know why I've chosen this song, I didn't even train how to play the song. I just came back from school 2 days ago and I already known the answer what should I record for the next episode. I was in a bad mood, from school, our geography teacher is driving my crazy all the time, I hate him, and he hates me.
So maybe the situation what happened in school has something to do with my choice and the choice is " KoRn " with my favourite song "I did my time".

I hope you'll enjoy it, it isn't that bad :)