May 2011

Tales, stories - based on?

30. may 2011 at 10:29 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow readers.

This week belongs to topic - Tales or fairytales maybe stories if you will.
If somebody speak up the word - tales, what is your first imagination?
For me it's something animated, cartoon maybe merged with some myth, fantasy story - but generally it's a film for kids or whole family these day.

You can go and watch some new "fairytale/tale" in a cinema or at home on dvd.
But the stories and things around it has been created by somebody who used maybe his imagination his mind or he maybe based the story on true and in some special way he transformed it into a watchable version or in a version what he like.

What I'am trying to say is that first stories first fairy tales is maybe 20 000 years old. And basically it's maybe older then we think because first tales was originally not on a paper or papyrus but they were hand down orally.

I think you've already heard that in a historical books are lot's of same things or they have lots of things in common. So we can easily deduce that something in that stories has to be TRUE?!

Theoretically speaking, there is 100% chance that the first books was based on truth.
Nowadays, it's maybe harder to say something what I've mentioned before, because we have so so many books and stories, and they are blending together so hard, that is really hard to say what or where is the truth. And I'm not tallking about more developed imaginations, creativity and affect of 21st century.

So what's your opinion? Do you think that first stories and tales was based on truth?
Why do you thing that todays tales are not based on truth?

Leave comment, I'm looking forward to your opinions.


Grenade-Launcher: Testing

17. may 2011 at 8:39 | Halfdann

Today I must share with you one really good video what I've recorded with my iPhone. Yesterday I was in my friend's house, we were a bit bored, so suddenly he came out with an idea. He upgraded his military weapon M4 A1 with an M203 - Grenade-launcher few weeks ago, but he never tested it before, so yesterday for the first time.
He just wanted to test it and show me, but I came also with an idea to record it.

I'm not a specialist, but the grenade-launcher looks really lifelike, it's also made from steel.
Well the weapon looks lifelike, it's weight is about 6 kilograms.

When he wanted to use that grenade-launcher, he had to buy some shell (cartridge) from real grenade "bullet", because without this used cartridge it will damage the grenade launcher or the weapon when you put in there the small bomb usually used for fire-works.

It's really amazing, enjoy :).

Xenon - Memories (tekkno remix)

7. may 2011 at 14:55 | Halfdann

Today I have for you one remix made by me maybe a year ago. Some of my friends have heard this before and I even noticed that some teenagers in our small city have heard that before and they thought that this is some remix made by real Dj or tekkno crew or something like that.

So it was for my a big surrprise when I found that my remix spread through our town. Well maybe it's because we have here lots of fans of tekkno and music styles close to it.

Well, nevertheless, I think that it's sounds kinda' cool, what do you think?
Leave a comment and let me know if you like it.

Maby this is the first remix of tekkno and metal style. Heh :)