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4. april 2011 at 12:23 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hi everybody.
After several weeks is here for me a good topic, good week theme.

So lets think about the topic - hell.
What is it? Whats the meaning of this abstract word.
The good thing about this word is, that everybody has their own "meaning", hell doesn't mean the same thing for all of us.
But generally deep inside we have a little spirit from our childhood, because our mothers and fathers, our favourite tales, stories and movies for kids, they taught us, that hell is real and everybody who will be bad, he will get into hell.
Hell is deep inside of the Earth, hell is red and all around are flames.

What a nice imagination. :)


I will believe that hell exists, but after someone show me heaven, or I will believe in heaven after someone shows me hell.
For me hell is something really bad, really terrible. War is hell, serious disease is hell. In our heads is sometimes hell.
But I don't believe in hell like a place where bad people are gathered and tortured.
This is my short article, my opinion. Lets discuss it, leave comment. :)


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