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Hello fellow bloggers. :)

It's been a while since I posted last article. But you know, it is really hard to manage my time with my laziness :-D and other stuff.
Back into my W.Within saga, I must tell you, that I've found such a kind girl, right in my class. She is really good photographer and painter, so I explained my story to her and asked her if she could draw something. She agreed :)
So maybe now she's working faster then me and I've noticed that sometimes during lessons she makes some bodies of warriors and mages :-). Heh.
So currently I want to scan the papers of W.W.Saga and rewrite it into a digital form, because rewriting from notebook and turning head over and over, this is just not so comfortable. - BUT switching windows is just easy :)

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Well that was the first thing what I wanted to say.
The second thing, maybe you are curious about the title.
Why "Addiction".
It has something to do with online gaming, I mean MMORPG, let me translate it - Damn highly addiction causing online game called Lineage 2.
The reason why I'am telling this to you is, that I'm a bit afraid, that I'm getting into that addiction again. Again. :-D

Don't tell me that you've never tried game like that. MMORPG's are the most playing games all over the world.
(And don't ask me if I play World of Warcraft - I HATE IT)
Well I quit with playing this game several times, but suddenly I just started again. Maybe because of my friends. They always get me into it. At first I usually refuse, but next week I'm sitting fully plugged into this stupid game instead of writing something "serious" on my blog or on your blog into comments, or play drums or I don't know.

It's just sad, isn't it?
Have you ever experienced situation like this?
And how did you solve your "problem", i mean how did you rid off the addiction?
Or are you still playing?

Any suggestions are welcomed.

BTW: Get a girlfriend, is one option - testified. It took me 8 hours , to get rid off the 2 years addiction on a MMORP game.

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1 Shariony Shariony | Web | 3. april 2011 at 23:25 | React

I don´t play computer games (except those on that are not so addictive), but I think I know your feeling - last year I watched quite a dramatic serial story on YouTube, it had 115 parts.. and the only help was to watch it till the end.. And to have a blog is also a kind of dependence. So maybe I could say one suggestion - don´t turn on your PC so often.. But I can´t push myself to do so..

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