Warrior Within: Chapter V

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The Warrior Within Saga : Chapter V

More than meets the eye
It was cold outside so everyone finished their work on the field as quickly as it was possible, picked all the tools around up and lock them into a small wooden shed. Then all workers farewell to each other and went home.

Even the three friends with Maeve in the front, ran away, hide, before the cold into her house. When they arrived they all sat around the table near rhe fire place.
"Ah, you are here?" Said Maeves father Ralph. "I just came back from work."
He worked as a personal manager in a coal mines. It was better jib than digging down there but still hard.
Everyday he came back home really late and he rarely saw his daughter Maeve. So he was glad that he could see her with her friends, and not again while she was sleeping.
"How are you all?" Asked Ralph.
"Well not bad, but there's terrible cold outside" Answered Maeve. "Yep, that is true sir" Agreed Deliah.
"I know, the only advantage of the mines is, that there is high temperature, so I didn't realized that outside is so cold." Said Ralph.
"But , I've heard that you want to join the coliseum tournament, is that true?" Asked Ralph.
"Oh, Well " Said Deliah with Despy with not so happy look. "Who did told you whis?" Answered Maeve.
"Mr. Groomy's son, he work in the mines, he told me this. I've also heard that you are training in a school gym." Said Ralph.
"Yes, I've set it up sir." Answered Deliah
"I hope that it doesn't matter dad" Said Maeve. "Well, I don't know. You are seventeen, I think that is enough for that. But, you know, I'm worry about you. What if something will happen to you and your friends?" Said Ralph a bit sadly.
"No, dad, that's alright" Answered Maeve. "It's just competition, a tournament " Added Despy.
"I know, I know. And I think I would be bad dad if I will forbid this to you, Maeve" Answered her dad.
"When begins the tournament?" Asked Ralph. "Amm. It will start in one month. This year in Aden" Answered Despy.
"That's really soon. You will have to practise and train hard, if you want to achieve something." Said Ralph seriously.
"We know dad, and we hope that e have relly good chance, look at us. I'm a priest, a team healer" Said Maeve
"Yes and I'm mage, the power of our team." Said Despy
"And I'm rogue, a dagger master, the advantage of our team" Added Deliah.
"Well, it sounds good, interesting" Answered Ralph while he was thinking about something. " You guys have a chance, in your team potential, you obviously believe in this. I believe in your team too, but stay sharp."
said Ralph and began telling his story.


Long time ago when I was in your age. I went to join this tournament too. Seriously every one , every boy and girl just wanted to participate, it was reasonable to want it. You could fought one on one or in team. I wanted to fight alone, it had some advantages and disadvantages too. When you won the tournament , you recieve the full price, full reward etc. Everything only for your own. You had to believe only in you, no one could help you in the match. But after some time, I've consider another option - team. Because fighting alone was for some spoiled children, or some stupid boys, who were thinking, that they are center of the universe.
And then the category of teams. I was also in a team called Night Pikes. With your mum, and our close friend Jessie.
We was young dumb , and blind for some actions around us.
You know, of course we had some enemies from school etc. There is always some who is better. Someone who don't do nothing, just training. And of course money, money are connected with everything. Someone who have better armor, someone who can cheat in the duel through the doctors, jurymen - giving them money.
/He started to cry/
And it was our problem. Our enemies paid some guys for the unreal machine - they turned the supply source down, just in the moment while the opponent was attacking Lianna. Damn! And jurymen were underpaid too. They said, that it was some system failure. Too bad. And that was all. No better searching, no scanning, nothing. So what I'm trying to say is, that you have to stay sharp always and everywhere. They could kill you for the fortune, for the win.
And the weird thing is that our team was just like yours. Mage, priest and a thief.
I kept our weapons, armors and other equipment hoping , that someday it could be useful. So now, I'll give it to you. I think that it will be useful for you, your team.

After he finished and stopped talking, everyone was stunned.
"I... I don't know what to say dad." Answered Maeve sadly.
"Neither do I" Added Despy
"It's so sad" Said Deliah
"Yes, I know"
"And the worse thing is, that Jessie wanted to solve this case with Lianna's death. SHe was her best friend."
"After some time, I've lost contact with her. And never see her again."
"Maybe somebody kidnapped her or worse, because of the things she have known." Said Ralph sadly.

"Damned I'm starting to be a bit nervous about our chance and prestige of the Coliseum and it's duels" Said Deliah
"Indeed, told me about this, it's really weird" Added Maeve
"But kids, I'm with you. Don't worry too much, but we have to stay sharp."
"I'm tired from the mines so I'm about to go to bed." Said Ralph

"Dad, please, could Deliah with Despy stay overnight ?" Asked Maeve her dad.
"Of course, it's better. Outside is really dark. Goodnight" Answered Ralph.
"Thanks dad, goodnight"

Ralph wen to bed and the three friends was still sitting around the table enjoing the warm of their fire place.
"I'm still shivering about the story, what my dad told us." Said Maeve.
"You're right. Terrible story I agree." Said Deliah.
"I was wondering about Coliseum and people from it, really differently."
Added Despy
"Let's go to bed guys, it's late."
"We can proceed tomorrow and discuss it later." Said tired Maeve
"Yep. Or forget about it and just go train our selves." Added Despy.
"Ok. You can sleep in my room. follow me." Answered Maeve.


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1 final-fantasy-4rever final-fantasy-4rever | Web | 17. march 2011 at 13:44 | React

kdyby to nebylo anglicky, ale česky, tak si to přečtu :)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 17. march 2011 at 14:00 | React

V tom to je, ze ja sem jedinej kdo ma celej blog anglicky, a v tom je ten ucel, psat cesky nema smysl. Blog byl zalozen pro vzdelavani anglictiny, nauceni se cist psat, pomoct i me, rict chyby a to vse zabavnou formou, jinak nez ve skole.

3 Mišutka Mišutka | 18. march 2011 at 22:51 | React

Kdyby to bylo Česky, tak si to také přečtu, takhle snad někdy časem, nechce se mi to teď překládat i když všemu rozhodně nerozumím, po 4 a půl letech angličtiny bych měla něco zvládat, v Kanadě jsem rozumněla, ale neuměla jsem odpovídat... :-? Ale slibuju že si to někdy přečtu, stejně jsem se chtěla začít pořádně anglicky učit a né to nechávat ve škole na náhodu... ;-)

4 Jago Jago | 24. march 2011 at 9:26 | React

Pěkné čtení. Ale mohu-li doporučit, zkontrolouj si slovesné tvary - občas máš místo minulého času přítomný.

5 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 24. march 2011 at 10:53 | React

Dikec. Priste klidne muzes byt konretnejsi, k tomuhle ucelu byl blog zalozen, navzajem si procvicovat a kontrolovat anglictinu zabavnejsim zpusobem.

6 Jago Jago | 24. march 2011 at 15:07 | React

[5]: Bude to delší, pošli mi adresu na kolinj(at)upcmail(dot)cz. Máš Word?

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