February 2011

New administration

28. february 2011 at 12:37 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings fellow bloggers.

I would like to start with my feelings about the new features of blog and their new administration system for us.
Well I think that this is step forward, because I like design and I put lot ephasis into it. That's maybe why I like apple stuff so much.
Anyway, I'm definitely for new changes in design, and things for blog users. And my opinion is that in future we can expect lots of features, lots of PAID features. And I think that this is the real vision and I believe in it because I like services and if I want something I'm used to pay for it, it's normal in advanced state - like USA - over 70% of population works in services - I LIKE IT.

Well that's only a small spirit, you can think about it and let me know in comments.

Also I would like to inform you that I was accepted into AK, and I'm really glad. Finally. I think so, because I wrote an email to AK, and they contact me and said that I was accepted. So :). This is the end - I've reached my goal :)

And that deserves applause and celebration I want to celebrate here with this song called - REACH by not so famous, but very good band called Eyes set to kill.

Here it is. ENJOY!


Switcher: Unpacking

4. february 2011 at 14:00 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hello fellow bloggers

Today I'm really honored to be part of this.:)
My new laptop just arrived and I must control myself and calm down ,because this moment isn't happening every day, well at least for me :-D.
I wanted this kind of laptop so so long and finally I get one, and I'm so happy that I must do the unpacking article. Well I've seen something like unpacking before on the fan sites focused on problematics around Apple co.inc., so I decided to do it too :)

Let's do it
And because I do this for the first time, please respect that :)