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25. january 2011 at 17:26 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hello there!

Changes. Changes all around us. :)
The world is changing, people are changing so do I :). And I've decided to change my apearance again. Well this time I didn't have time to visit my barber so I asked my sister if she could do the work :).


Year ago -


Ten months ago ->


Six months ago (I think) - >


Month ago ->

A bit longer hair again.


And now the final change.
What do you think? Is it a stupid change?
Well my classmates said that it's good. So do I, because I do that because of one girl, and then she liked the new apearance so I was damn happy :).


Another change:

Week ago, I was in Ceske Budejovice on Open doors day in a SouthBohemia University. And I was looking for some IT subjects. And I found some Information technology teaching field and second field was nearly the same as the firs one with the difference, that after finishing that subject you can't teach.
Well. Both fields, both subjects are good, so next year I will propably give apply to both of them.
Another exciting field was just opened in Brno, field focused on smartphones with operation system iOSx. So for me kind a familiar interface. But Brno is too far away and difficulties around connections are just bad.

Another change:

This change wasn't viewable till now. I started to listen more and more to another kind of music.
Well I listen to metal/rock etc. still, but I've never listen to another kinds of music as much as it is now.
For example here is one of my favourite songs from the new kind of music. :)

Most of the new artists, and new songs for my, are from Game videos and frag videos. Well you will agree with me that this kind of music has just perfect DRUMS,RYTHM,MELODY and in the fast FPS games ets fits just perfectly. :)

Another change:

I just started to reading a book. :-D Well it's nothing special for normal people. But for me?! I just hate reading books - Well, not hate, but I don't like reading some book what I don't know, reading articles, news on internet is another thing.
And another point is, that I don't have time for reading :-D, it's for me just boring and waste of time. BUT....BUT''!'!!!
This book, what I just started to read, was HIGHLY recommended to me by my aunt(she is a librarian)  - And the book was written by John Wyndham - " Den Trifidů ". And it's just perfectly awesome! I must recommend it back to you, you should read it too :).

Change on blog.

Well I must update that status saying that I'am a juryman - What a FAKE!
I've worked so hard - FOR NOTHING! This blog made up some contest - blogger of the year.
After releasing the 2nd round, the author of the blog really pissed me off with new design and ignoring my replyes to the contest, and comments. GOD DAMNED! I hate that.
I'm really angry about that!
(URL to that irresponsible blog -

That's it :)

In conclusion, I want to appologize because I was talking last week that I'am going to release some new stuff THIS week. But I was waiting for new article about new members in AK, but nothing happened, someone forget to work maby.
Well so I've decided to leave this work to another day.
And I could answer with useless tautology : " I'll do that, when I do that" :-D

See Ya, leave comment if you will.



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1 Evelin Evelin | Web | 29. january 2011 at 23:47 | React

OMG! Where's your pretty hair? :D Sorry, I'm just a long-hair-lover, you see. The main thing is that you like it, of course :D.
Lately I started to listen to another kinds of music, too. Mostly some soundtracks from films... yeah, that's quite strange :D.
Oh, I have exactly the same opinion about books, though I generally don't admit it :-D. In fact, the only book I really like to read is Harry Potter :D, most of the others are such a waste of time to me, as you said.

2 Nan. Nan. | Web | 5. february 2011 at 14:38 | React

I like your last change :).
I love reading book about 3 years ago, before than we got a computer! :D When we got it, I read much less. And now? I would read, but now I haven't a time. ://
And the song I like :)

3 NoBoDy NoBoDy | Web | 5. february 2011 at 20:56 | React

Your last change is so amazing :)
I'm here the first time, so I don't know anything about you I've only seen your photos. You're a musician, aren't you?
Oh no,I think I've just fallen in love :D

4 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 6. february 2011 at 16:59 | React

[2]: I totally agree :-D
[3]: Thank you :), yes I'm musician.

5 E. E. | 6. june 2011 at 23:26 | React

How hair can change the whole person :-), but I think that it is good turnover, although I love long hair. I really like read ,I sometimes read 2 books per week, but sometimes I don´t have taste for reading and I make an excuse that I haven´t got a time  :-D.

6 Halfdann Halfdann | 7. june 2011 at 11:47 | React

Well thank you :). I like long hair too but it was hard to take care of them.
And the reading I totally agree, I dont read as muc has you, but sometimes I read some book but usually I don't finish the book and of course my excuse is also "the time" :-D

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