The very last chance

31. december 2010 at 17:50 | Halfdann |  All about..
The last article in this year and I'm going to end it in a big.

At first I want to wish you nice rest of the year 2010 and all the best in the nex year 2011.
I'm writing this article really under big pressure.
The first reason is that I'm going to leave in one hour for my concert with my band, we're going to play a ball for high society, so wish me luck.

And the second reason is that admins of AK gave me the last chance to get in the AK members.
They crated first public inquiry and it asks " Do you want Halfdann in AK? ", after this inquiry they are going to release another about rules in AK.

So you have the power to make my dream come true.

Well if you want to have me in AK please vote. But think about it before you vote, I just want to be fair - I'm not asking you to vote for me as fast you can vote, but I'm asking for help if you really like my blog and the stuff what I'm doing, then please vote for me.

You can proceed and vote here:

Thank you.

With all the best, Halfdann.

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1 Maruška Maruška | Web | 31. december 2010 at 18:41 | React

Myslím, že nezáleží na jazyku, ale na tom, zda blog autorský je. Tvůj rozhodně je a je dost pěkný, takže snad budeš přijat :)

2 Shariony Shariony | Web | 31. december 2010 at 19:57 | React

I hope you´ll be one of us :) I like english language and moreover - your articles are interesting. You deserve it.
But the second enquiry may cause a little problem for some people.. I hope justice will win :D
Happy new year!

3 Halfdann Halfdann | 1. january 2011 at 3:37 | React

And I thank you soo soo much :). I've looked on the enquiry few minutes ago and right now the results are good. So I'm still hoping. Thanks for your support.
Well thanks to lots of people who are on my side :).
I'll have to prepare for them some special surprise, even if I'll not make it.

4 Petra Petra | Web | 13. january 2011 at 15:38 | React

We want to have you in AK :)

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