Warrior Within: Chapter IV

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The Warrior Within Saga : Chapter IV

Proper Technique

" Morning, guys!"
"Hey! What's up Deliah?"
"Well, are you ready to practice Despy, Maeve?"
"Hm, I tried to ask my parents and grandparents it they have some good place for training, but they don't" said Despy sadly
"Yes, it's hard to find a place like we need, these days" added Maeve.
"Yeah! But I! I'm here with good news boys and girls"
"Yesterday I've talked to our school maintenance man Mr. Groomy, at first he said that he can't, but after I offered him a bottle of fine vine made by my mother, then he agreed to let us into the gym. Isn't it great?" said Deliah happily.

"Oh man!" "Dude!" "That's awesome!" shouted gladly his friends.
"Well, finally we can start. Grab your backpacks guys and we can go to the gym."

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30 minutes later ]

"Here we are!"
"OH, that's amazing"
"Yep, perfect place for training as I told you"
"Terrain." "And what about terrain?" asked Despy
"Yayx. I forgot about it. But Mr. Groomy said that some stuff are hidden in a underground room."
"Let's try if there is some useful things for terrain." Added Deliah
"Hey boys!" "Here are few rocks and something what is pretending to be like water." " We could use that, what do you think?" shouted Maeve from the outside.
"Yes, definitely we could. But let's build default terrain of the Coliseum, at first."
So were working and trying to build battlefield what should look like the battlefield in the real Coliseum. Despy with Deliah were doing harder work, as was connecting fence all around the gym and Maeve was doing the less difficult work such was
spreading sand into the field surrounded by the fence.
"Huf." We are done, what about you Maeve, do you need help?" asked Despy
"No, no, thanks." "Just few more meters and it'll be done too"
"Ok, now it's time!"
"Who will be the first couple to try our home made little coliseum?" laughed Despy.
I can try it." Said Maeve quietly.
"Yeah! And I will be your opponent!" immediately answered Despy
"Ok, and who will win, he can fight me." Said Deliah.
"And the last thing. I must activate the Unreal-Engine"
Unreal-Engine was a machine connected to the fence and thank to this machine the battles were lifelike. Because the machine was creating advanced reality using magnetic and optical illusion field in the arena /battlefield. So if somebody get hurt or worse - killed, instructors, doctors or whoever dragged him out of the arena and the "killed" man was alive without any wounds.
"Engine is up!"
"Take your place, get ready!"
"FIGHT!" shouted Deliah
                Despy immediately started casting
wind weakness to Maeve. Besides that she had weakness to wind, Maeve was still trying to reach the point from what she can spell on Despy. He had longer range than Maeve so he can cast spells from longer distance. He just spelled out wind strike.
He did really big amount of damage to Maeve. She screamed because of the pain.
"Major heal!" within one second Maeve's health was renewed.
"Aw, damn!" shouted out Despy
"Taste this!!!" and spelled wind wortex out.
Maeve was clever, she knew that Despy will underestimate her. So she was pretty calmed and casted sleep on Despy. Despy didn't expected that and fell asleep. Now she had lots of time to cast many cursed spells what can keep Despy's spells away from her, but after she spelled out all of her spells she used "Drain Mana" as the last spell.
After this spell Despy woke up and tried to cast wind wortex again, then Maeve used sleep skill again.
She did this twice more and Despy was unable to cast any of his spells because Maeve drained all of his mana out.
"Damned, Maeve !" screamed Despy.
"Ha Ha!" laughed Maeve
"Now I can finish you!" Maeve spelled blessed strike, and with her luck she did magical critical hit which killed Despy.

[ 25 Minutes later]

"Despy are you ok?"
# slap # # slap #
"Uh, Aw " " Damn did I lost the match?" asked Despy sadly
"Yes. But don't be sad, it's just training and obviously you underestimate me too" answered Maeve
"Yes. My fault at least I can learn from it and avoid it in the real Coliseum fight." Agreed Despy.
"Ok, now Despy will start my match with Deliah" said Maeve
"OK. Finally we can see
how are you fighting, Deliah" said Despy curiously
"Engine is ready"
"Prepare to fight"
                Immediately after the countdown Maeve spelled sleep. For bishop classes, like Maeve, it was reasonable and the only way to survive or win the battle, using sleep skill and combining it with another skill what was for example : Drain mana, Slow, divine strike, silence etc.
"What?!" shout Maeve out.
Sleep attack has failed on Deliah.
Maeve immediately casted sleep again but Deliah has resisted the spell.
Deliah as a dagger master-thief, had good resistance to this kind of cursed attacks/
Now he had advantage, because Maeve was confused about her failure, so he started to run around and spreading the dust in the sand, and then disappear.
" ? ? ? " Maeve was confused
"What?" "I don't get it" "Where are you Deliah!" screamed Maeve difficultly while she was coughing, because the dust get into her lungs.
" Wh….AAaaaaaaaa ! " She fell onto her knew, because of terrible pain caused by some really sharp object smashed into her back.
She tried to heal herself while she was looking where Deliah could be.
"Aw !" Another sharp attack, now onto her arm.
She stood up and started to run, changing her position, because couldn't see Deliah, even that dust was calmed and the air was clear. Then she recognized some blurred silhouette running all around her.
"Aw, I hope this will work." And spelled blessed sight. Then her sight went better, improved and now she was able to see Deliah.
"I got you!" shout Maeve out.
After she targeted on Deliah, she begin casting sleep as quickly as she could. She tried to boost the chance of sleep with divine strike spell.
Deliah saw what is Maeve trying to do, so he run to her and throw sand into her eyes and with it he interrupted her attack. Then he blow her with his dagger and run behind her and did the lethal strike.
With this lethal strike he killed her.
"Aaaaaaaa " screamed Maeve and fell down.

[ 2 minutes later ]

Maeve woke up."What was that?!"
"Despy did you see that?" with confusing look he added
" I just don't know what just happened"
"This was brilliant!"
did you do that?"
" What was that?"
Asked Maeve and Despy seriously.
"Well, I used hide skill. For you it was like invisibility."
"I was lucky, because in the arena was lots of sand what prepared Maeve, it increased the duration and effectiveness of the skill. "
"You know, I must fight like that, because my power is hidden in a moment of surprise and dodging, attacking opponent weak points and especially his back - as I showed you on Meve" explained Deliah
"Holy crap!" "That's good" said Despy
"I'm glad Deliah" said Maeve when she looked into his eyes.
"We never saw you fighting , but this completely
changed our opinion." Answered Despy.
"Now I believe that we have chance in the real Coliseum, seriously." Added Maeve.
"Thanks friends." Said flattered Deliah
"Ok let's keep practicing guys…"



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