Warrior Within : Chapter II

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The Warrior Within Saga : Chapter II

Duels, law and an idea.

It was warm summer evening in ancient town of Rune. This cosmopolitan town was the place of elders and overlords. Lots of powerful leaders came here to ask for some advices and what to do, because of the great knowledge of them. Today it was there really rushing time, because of the case with Ragnok. They were really concerned about it.


So after few hours of discussing, they finally came with result. It was compulsory
lectures of self defense in every school.
Especially in warriors and mage schools they improve their schedule and prepare students to use their powers not only for personal needs, but also, when they get into some trouble situation with real
danger, real human, they must know how to react and escape.

After few years ,since the decision of the elders about self defense\attack lesson, it started become a habit and every year it was competition in a coliseum. Lots of students, no matter what specialization, were pretty delighted about that.

Understandable, coliseum duels were pretty prestige event and first three winners will receive big amount of money and fame, of course.
So when someone won the tournament and wanted to go to some university to keep studying, every school wanted him.

Let's focus on a small boy Deliah. When somebody saw his and tried to guess his age, almost every time it was about
11 or 12 years old. But the truth is, that he is seventeen.
Because he wasn't so stalwart and muscular as other guys in his age.
Also he wasn't tall that much.

Deliah came from Gludin village, really small village with few farms and houses. Every day he had to help on a field with his friends Maeve and Despy, to help their parents.
It was kind of a disadvantage for them , to live just here.
Other boys and girls, who came from a city spent more time with practicing, training and Deliah was wasting time on a farm, it means less time for training.

One day when all of them were on a field gathering potatoes in a moment of silence, Deliah said.
'' Hey guys, have you heard, that coliseum duels will be this year in Aden, not in Rune? ''

Maeve stopped gathering
''Well, it is important? Do you want to participate, or what?'' she said.

"Hm, You know, my father was a warrior too. My mum told me.She told me that he died in a battle."

After this stopped gathering also Despy and answered to Deliah.
"Yeah, and you want to try to fight there, don't you?". "Forget it, only if I will go with you man''.

"Am I right, that you are trying to say, that we should try party duels?''
Said Asuria.
Despy answered: ''Well, Deliah is too weak to fight there alone. I saw some fights last year. He can't
wear heavy armor, and a great sword. He can't even hold the sword up high.He will definitely fail. Probably if we go there each presenting there only as ourselves we will fail everyone, but if we go there as a team and participate, we will have higher chance to succeed".

Deliah felt really enthusiastic about it."Oh, that's really great idea dude!".

"No. No,no… That's impossible, we have no time for that. We don't even train every day. We must help on a farm".
Maeve answered really nervously.

"Maeve please. We can try it.''Said Deliah with Despy simultaneously.

''Can you imagine the fame?And the reward? You said that you want to go to medical university. If we win this tournament, you can go wherever you want. Please…It's really important for me"
Said Deliah and looked sadly into her eyes.

''Damn, friendly pressure. Ok if we start our training today, we have some chance maybe. Well, then I'm in.''

''Yeesss, I'm in too''shouted Despy.
''Aww, thanks my friends''said Deliah thankfully.
''Ok.Let's finish the work what we've got here and then we can start with looking for some armors at home or building them up.''said Deliah quickly.
''Ok and discuss the strategy too''answered Despy.
''Yep. Guys see you tomorrow then. Bye for now.''


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