Warrior Within : Chapter III

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The Warrior Within Saga : Chapter III

The Last Legion

Cold weather and heavy raid hounded the children from outside into Deliah's house.
His mother made for them a hot tee in theirs kitchen and brought it to them into Deliah's little room.


''Ahhh, your mum can do really the best home made tee''said Maeve while she was smelling the scent of herbs in the air.
''Yeah, she really do'' added Deliah.
''OK,ok fellas,but I was thinking that this meeting supposed to be in the name of coliseum duels and our strategy, but yes the tee is delicious''answered Despy.
I'm mage, not so powerful, but I can heal really good I think. So I'll be probably healer of our team'' said reasonably Maeve.

''Yes, that's good, heal power is always good and I suppose we will definitely need it. So, you know, that I like magic and I'm mage too, so I'll be the magic power'' added Despy really gladly.
''And what will be you , Deliah?We never saw fighting at all.'' asked Maeve with Despy.
''Well, I'm only rogue. Thief. I mean dagger master'' said sadly Deliah.
"What?! Are you out of your mind?''
''A rogue?''
''You will die in a minute in the coliseum. There are only strong warriors with heavy armor, they will smash you down in a one skill and we need you to hold it for more than one minute''

''Hmm, thanks for noticing'' said sadly Deliah
''But I'm not as strong and tall like the others, you know. I can't carry that much weight , but I'm pretty fast and I can dodge their attacks and surprise them, I hope'' answered Deliah.
''Oh, I haven't considered that option. It sounds reasonable, probably it could work'' answered Maeve. ''I agree with Maeve. No-one will expect it. Point for us, but you will have to fight really hard.'' Added Despy.
''Ha, right? Right?'' gladly answered Deliah. ''I hope it will work''.

''And what will be the name of our team? It's also important. Let's finish our tee and think about it'' said Maeve seriously.
After a while of silence Despy shouted out - ''I got it!What about Merciless Triangle?''
"That's not bad'' said Deliah
''No, no'' Interrupted their conversation Maeve and said: ''that's weird name, not good for team, don't you think?''
''Ok. Let's keep thinking''
''The Last Hope'' shouted after few seconds Deliah out.
''Well, not bad, but what about The Last Legion?'' added Maeve.
''Nice one'' said Despy
''Yeah, I think that's it. I agree with that'' said Deliah.
''Yep me too'' added Despy.
''Ok finally we've got the name. Now the last thing what we must to do is the training'' said Maeve
''The tournament will start in two months'' agreed Deliah.
''We can start tomorrow after school. What do you think?'' suggested Despy.
''Agreed'' answered Maeve with Deliah.
''Ok, it's late and I must go. Will you company me Despy'' said Maeve.
''Of course I will'' added Despy.
''Ok see you. Good night and sleep tight. Bye Deliah.''
''Bye, see you tomorrow''


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1 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | 7. october 2010 at 21:52 | React

:D.. rozumiem mozno trom slovam v celom tom texte :D.. nevadi podla mna je to dobre aj ked nicomu nerozumiem :D

2 Halfdann Halfdann | 7. october 2010 at 22:39 | React

Heh :-D..dik xD...mozna je to dobre jak rikas xD..jinak by to byla katastrofa

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