Office drumming: Dimmu Borgir

29. october 2010 at 23:13 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Hi guys!

I'm here with new video cover episode and this one, is damn amazing I think.


This one is called "Dimmu borgir" the band has the same name Dimmu borgir, its kind of a hymn, i think :). It's from their new album.
Also I was on their concert in Prague so this song really impressed me.
But this one is really damn, damn freaking hard, and I didn't practise this song, I only started recording with faith, that it can be good at least in the first half.
And it is. So I'm glad, the first half is I think not so bad, the end is bad, but I think you can respect it because this is record of my first and the only one try.

Enjoy the song.
Here it is, your Halfdann.


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1 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | 1. november 2010 at 10:20 | React

Jee.. To je dobré O_O  O_O ...

2 uajiii uajiii | Web | 7. november 2010 at 18:44 | React

Ahoj! Četl jsem tvůj komentář na blogu Autorského klubu... Chtěl jsem se zeptat: kdo je Standa? Všichni o něm mluví (teda ne všichni- občas někdo o něm něco žlblebtne) jako o záškodníkovi. Kvůli němu asi odešlo celé komando! Jsem z toho taky špatný- s tehdejším komandem všechno klapalo.

3 uajiii uajiii | Web | 8. november 2010 at 19:42 | React

děkuji za info!

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