Warrior Within : Prologue

16. september 2010 at 20:22 | Halfdann |  The Warrior Within Saga

The Warrior Within Saga - Prologue:

As I said before, that I want to write some stories, I finally wrote one.This idea, this name of the story I just made up in less then 40 minutes at school. Because we had one homework from English - to write really short story - fairy tale. But I was too lazy to wrote it and think abotu it at home, so one subject before English, I grabbed a sheet of paper and started to thinking about the homework and writing some ideas down.


After few minutes I realized, that I maby wrote too much words, then for our homework. Our teacher told us to write 200 word at maximum - and at this moment I had more than 2 A4 formats of my work :-D. Well when I looked up at my homework, and read again few sentences, suddenly I realized - that's it! Thats the idea what I was talking about, the story what I wanted to put on my blog.

After I rewrite it on a new sheet of paper, without some strokes, I tooked it home with me and now I want to share my work, my idea, my story - my fantasy world.



It's a warm summer evening in ancient land of Raghulm in the middle of dark ages, where this story is taking place....

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