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3. september 2010 at 18:20 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hi fellaz..:)

I was pretty busy to write an article exactly on 1.September, so I'm writing it now.
Few things has changed....

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For example on 1.September I've joined to the society of elders :-D...LOL. Or simply - the day was my birthday HO!Finally I'm an adult men :). Well, but it's not so special xD, I'm just boasting on you.
I don't like my birthday at all, just because of the weird date :-/.Hmm, maby I can tell you, that it's really interesting, that I was born on 1. September - Maby because of my mother is a teacher :-D, and my grandma was a teacher, my father was a teacher and my sister is going to be a teacher.....Well and maby I will be a teacher :-D. What a funny teacher family.

OK and besides this I've went through such a terrible few days.Guess where I'm sitting in a classroom. :-(...If you was thinking about first and second desks, you were right :-(.
Six.....6.....SIX whole years I was sitting completely at the back of the classroom. It was great place to play games on a laptop,cell phone,tallking with a schoolmates, eat and finally - sleeping and don't pay too much attention :-D lol.
So I was thinking that everyone is sitting on the same place since our 1 class on this school. So it was for me pointless to get up too early to pick up some good or the same spot I had before.

So I went to school about 8 o'clock...opened the door to my class....:-O.. everyone was there. Every seet was taken etc. :-( And our class teacher said that I can't change sitting schedule because she has alredy write it down... DAMN!...
Well I've changed it a bit.....Now I'm not sitting in a first but in a SECOND desk :-D.Hmm
But better than the 1st.

Maby it will help me, maby I'll get better marks than last year and maby I'll pay more attention...Well it coul be usefull for me because I have 2 years till graduation..maby it could be good to start learning and listening to teachers :-D

UPDATE: Today - Friday

I've changed my iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 :). The phone is completely outstanding...I'm glad that the O2 girl assistent gave it to me. 'cause when I was in the O2 shop, she told me that I must wait one more week ,for the iPhone 4, before my contract reaches 7.September. It means that, I can pick up some other mobiles, iPhone..or just extend my contract 6 months before the contract run out date.
But I had money for the iPhone in my pocket and I wanted the iPhone sooooo much, that I told her.

"OH no, but I have money for the iPhone 4 just in my pocket. Please, I'm sure that we can arrange with each other, what do you say?"

O2 assistant: " Hm..hm..well....Ok then. I can try it." :)

I was really thankfull :-), what a lucky day for me.


Well thats all what I wanted to told you. Only 2 things at the end. The first is that I'm preparing some new episodes video cover, but you know, it's a school now so I don't have that much time as I have on my vacation.

OK, and the second thing is, maby you've noticed the title for this article.Its weird too...but I think that it is on place. :) It is a great song....and for me means a lot more, because sad memories about it.
Enjoy it',here it is.

See ya...Halfdann :-(

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1 Evelin Evelin | Web | 4. september 2010 at 11:28 | React

Do you realy wanna be a teacher? That's scary. :D

I was sitting in a first desk last year... it wasn't so bad that you may think... :D. At least I learned more things that year.

Nice song, btw.

2 LuckaS LuckaS | Email | Web | 4. september 2010 at 18:05 | React

Can you imagine that the first desk was mine for eight years? :D But I didn't mind. It has its adventeges too.
Welcome among adults ;-)

3 AngEl AngEl | Web | 4. september 2010 at 19:22 | React

last year I was sitting in second desk but when the girls before us moved, it seemed like the first :D I think that the second desk in a line before teacher´s table is realy bad. this year I sit in third desk. I hope it´ll be better than last year ..
Would you like to be a taecher?? I always thought that families of doctors only existed, but families of teachers exist too. how interesting! :-)

4 Whitney Yanagawa Whitney Yanagawa | Email | Web | 23. september 2010 at 14:52 | React

Ahoj, musím se pochlubit vyhrála jsem tady iPHone 4 http://bit.ly/9ru9HV :)

5 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 23. september 2010 at 16:05 | React

Dobře ty :)..Nejlepší mobil. Ať ti slouží a chovej se k němu hezky :)

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