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14. august 2010 at 13:41 | Halfdann |  Thoughts

Today I've decided to get rid of my sadness, maby in one of the last article I've told you about my last chance, but I'm not sure. Well, let me explain it to you.


Yesterday was Friday 13th, it was always normal date for me,Im not superstitious but now maby I will be...
I wanted to ride by bicycle to a town where my girlfriend live,to discuss something, even in the morning of that day I knew that its going to be my last chance to be with her and maby persuade her to stay with me.
I didn't have a breakfast or lunch, there was no time for that. I jumped on my bicycle and ride 12 km to the town - and the ride was really beautiful, it reained all the time. It didn't matter that I was wet everywhere because I was full of joy with riding in the rain. When I arrived at her place, I've stayed there about 15 minutes, and nothing happened. Only one thing, she broke up with me.
I'm not sure why, I wasn't cheating on her or something like that, I was faithful all the time. Well..maby her love to me disappear...hhh.

Im glad that nature gave me musical hearing :), 'cause now I can play drums, and playing on a drums is always helpful,when you are sad because of some situations like mine.You can exactly beat and knock your issues out :).

Also I want to share with you some photos from my last trip with my ex-girlfriend.The photos was taken in a " Žofínský prales " by me.
Its a great place to have some trip, its beautiful countryside all around you, fresh air and at the start/beginning of the cycle/foothpath is really nice restaurant, expensive but after a long trip, when you are tired, czech beer with some real deal - yum yum- food really cheers you up.:)

Ok here's the photos, not so good but the only what I have.
For better view of the picture, right-click on the picture and "view the picture" / "zobrazit obrázek"



And here the last pictures with her ..:-(

with her

Quote of the day:

"And the Heavens shall tremble " - Diablo III

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1 Lian Walker Lian Walker | 14. august 2010 at 16:33 | React

I'm sorry man, that sucks. At least you had a nice ride in the rain. (I've never tried that, it actually sounds like fun.) And you sure are lucky to have your drums! I used to try forget about things by playing keyboard, but it didnt help at all since I was really bad at it and I would just get more angry that I cant even play x)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 14. august 2010 at 18:28 | React

Yep..That sucks and thanks.
You should try to ride bicycle in a rain - btw: I was driving really fast down the hill :-D..It was kind dangerous..but..it doesn't matter after she said this "news" to me :).
See Ya..

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