Office drumming: Chop Suey!

15. august 2010 at 19:58 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Hi again"!
New video-cover episode is here...check it out'!


My internet friend (cOnex), just told me that he recorded one of his favourite song by band " System of a down" and when I saw it, I recognize that the song is my favourite too - its called " Chop Suey'! ". The first song I've ever heard by the SOAD band. The song is completely outstanding, you know. So he told me that I sould record it too and then we can merge it together and create something like " virtual band " on the internet - If we do that, I'll let you know and post it here.

Well after he told me this, I've jumped behind my drums and record it.However, there are some mistakes, AGAIN.
-BTW: I've added some extra cymbals parts to the song (originaly there aren't the cymbals, but I liked it,so I've added them- you can hear it in a second refrain :))

Here it is, hope you'll like it -----


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1 Nany Nany | Web | 15. august 2010 at 22:11 | React

you're welcome. And you have a new designe, haven't you? :)Nice.
I like SOAD, but Chop Suey from them i don't like much.
But you play great. But I've said it last time, right :D..I was fascinated :D

2 halfdann halfdann | Web | 15. august 2010 at 22:28 | React

OU :) You've noticed my new design :)..yes I have new. Thanks.

Well I know many people who listen to SOAD but they don't like Chop Suey that much, like you. For me as I said, is the first song I've heard from them, and I have lots of beautiful memories conected with this song...and maby thats the reason why is the song my favourite :) - And also its not too hard to play it. :) - another reason why :-D

3 Nany Nany | Web | 15. august 2010 at 23:13 | React

[2]:I understand you, I have favourite songs conected with memories too ;).

A zkoumat kdo za tou hrůzou stojí si nemusel, ale děkuju :)).

4 halfdann halfdann | Web | 15. august 2010 at 23:19 | React

[3]: jakou hruzou...sim te :) nahodou jak mi to zlepsilo naladu..:)

5 Nany Nany | Web | 16. august 2010 at 14:29 | React

[4]: No tak aspoň že nějakej účinek to má. To jsem ráda :).

6 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | Web | 16. august 2010 at 15:39 | React

Pekný blog :) Žiadna celebrita ani nič podobné :D takých blogou je už dosť málo :D

7 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | Web | 16. august 2010 at 15:42 | React

a super video :)

8 halfdann halfdann | Web | 16. august 2010 at 15:56 | React

Kuju moc :) tohle fakt potesi jak nic inyho.

9 tauri-no-talent tauri-no-talent | Web | 16. august 2010 at 16:22 | React


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