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What's up fellaz!:)
Finally I've decided to write an article focused on week theme. I think that last 2 topics I left without posting some article because I was not so comfortable about it. BUT now, this is really topic for me.
And I don't know from what angle do I want to write on this topic.

Well, lets get started.


Little story about music around me.

Music is everywhere around us since early childhood, and sometimes it's really fun to watch little babies perceiving music and how they are reacting on some sounds of a music.We can also find out if the baby have musical ear or not. - Its a big gift, to have musical ear, for example me, I have musical ear and Im really glad that I get this chance. Because without it, Im can't imagine what Ill do without that sence.

I can tell you something about me and my perciving music and how I was leaded to music.
The first of my memories what I remember comes from my 4 age. My father was listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne,Kiss,Scorpions...etc. So I was leaded since I was small child to listen to some real deal music (I mean not some stupid non sence giving music like hip etc). Then I was watching what my older sister is listening to and some of the bands was "critical" for me :).
The first was Nirvana and Linkin Park - In 1998 and 1999, I was in 2nd class of our primary school and I was listening to these two bands. When our teacher told us to bring some of our favourite music I brought - Nirvana and L.P. - other children :-D - Michal David, Karel Gott,Helena vondrackova. Almost in 8 years old I hated our czech bands and singers and also listening to the radio. Because when you're listening to the radio you're not able to choose what song do you want to listen to, then there was lots of songs that I didn't liked and too many long advertisments.

Then in 11-12 Ive started to go to the musical school (learning how to play drums)simultaneously with high school (gymnazium for 8 years -in czech). Im not sure but just in the first year, my teacher invited me to play with him in a band. Im still in the same band now. And my point is, that with the band we play partyes,celebrations,weddings,balls - etc, so playing in this kind of band also take effect on my music style and it's extending my look on other styles, so Im not so concerned (prejudiced) about what I listen to. - thank god.

Now we are in present, in age 18 and my style also went through some changes :). I think so because, my sister has some Tekkno crew so she sometimes invite me to their "concerts"../actions etc.  And its really good, once upon a time go to some party like this, where is tekkno music,and chill out. For me its interesting and sooo rythmical and energic- maby because I play drums I like it. Next what I think that a bit changed my music style is my ex-girlfriend. She didn't like metal at all, well and I try to sacrifice lots of things, but I wanted it, so because she listen to some other kinds of music I changed my kinds too.Now I know that it was pointless :). Nevermind.
So now I'm still listening to metal but I added: especialy, Rock,SKA,DnB (sometimes tekkno with my sister).
Thats all what I wanted to say, its like a history of my music around me, and how it was changing and evolving.

So you can leave a comment how was music evolving around you. Looking forward to your replies.

PS: At the first time this article was a way longer but when I've finished it and click on "publish", log-in screen has appeared, and whole text vanished....god damned.
So I was really angry because I've forgot how I wrote it exactly. So I waited for 3 maby 4 days, then I decided to finish the article.

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1 lynessa lynessa | Web | 27. august 2010 at 10:38 | React


2 halfdann halfdann | Web | 27. august 2010 at 10:45 | React

Well read article -> All about -> Reason why... and You'll find your answer. :)

3 AngEl AngEl | Web | 27. august 2010 at 14:18 | React

I prefered czech singing singers as a child, but now I like english singing, because I think it sounds better. My little cousin listens to the same music as me. when I switch on my MP player and start to listen to the music, she must do it too :-) it´s quite funny, because she only two years old and wears pink dresses and listens to the rock music ...

4 halfdann halfdann | Web | 27. august 2010 at 16:42 | React

HEHE :-)..Nice AngEl..When I imagine your situation :-D..I must laugh..Thx for comment.

5 Marcella Marcella | Web | 30. august 2010 at 20:19 | React

Well, I don't really have music ear, I'm kind of music deaf. I don't like Czech bands or singers eather and from the styles I prefer rock and metal, sometimes it really depends on my mood.
I hope you don't mind little criticism - I think it's a great idea to write the whole blog in English, but...The first thing that bothers me is that you forget the apostroph a lot - I thought you might not know how to write it, but in some words you have it right. Other thing - be careful about the grammar, for example this: >I was leaded to music< The past participle from >lead< is >led< - lead-led-led. I found other things, but I don't want to search for them again.
Oh, and one last thing - the poll in your menu - shouldn't the question be: How are you? Because "How do you do" means something like "Nice to meet you.", but it's not really used.
Hope you don't hate me now for the criticism, but someone should tell you so that you can improve ;-)

6 LuckaS LuckaS | Email | Web | 30. august 2010 at 20:25 | React

Hi! I'm on your blog for the first time, but I'm sure I'll come back :-) I love English language and you speak (write) really well.
I listen to music every day and I have written an article on this theme, as well (in Czech ;-) ).
I wanted to play drums, too. I was about seven years old, but my Mum didn't allow it because we were (and are) living in the seventh stock and have many neighbourhs :-( :D  
Tell me about losing prepared articles... :-( It happend to me a few times in the past, but now I'm careful and I press Ctrl+C every few minutes :-) And I, just like you, am not in a mood to finishing the article right away, when this vanishing thing happen to me. So I totally understand, how mad must have you been. :-)

7 LuckaS LuckaS | Email | Web | 30. august 2010 at 20:33 | React

[5]: Marcella, should I be worried? :-) Are you going to correct my comment, too? 'Cause I KNOW that I've made some mistakes :D I can see them in it :D
You have a nice blog, by the way. I'll come and read some of your articles soon.

8 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 30. august 2010 at 23:33 | React

[5]:OU thanks for letting me know Marcella. Well yeah, you're right, thanks for it, I'll correct them.
You know this was also the main spirit of the blog too, to improve my and others English, to let other bloggers correct my mistakes, 'cause Im not so perfect in English and also sometimes lazy to read the article again and correct mistakes. Im pretty sure, that I maby use sometimes some phrases, idioms,sentences and maby slang words from films/TV series what I've seen and then, in a normal, everyday English its a mistake..but for native speakers not-'cause its commonly used.Also I thought that question in a query "How do you do" - its i think " Jak se ti daří " and " How are you" - its for me " Jak se máš " ..its the same I think, maby. But thanks really :).See ya

[6]: Thx LuckaS for your comment :) and your English is a way better then mine xD should try to write some article in English on your blog. See ya..

9 LuckaS LuckaS | Email | Web | 31. august 2010 at 16:02 | React

[8]: In my opinion, "jak se ti daří" could be "how are you doing" - so it's the same guestion you wrote, only in present continuous. But I don't know who's right.
Thank you Halfdann :-) By the way, I already have some English written articles on my blog. But not as many as you have :D (One called "Stephenie Meyer -Twilight" in the rubric called "S knihou v lenošce" and few others in the rubric called "Kolik řečí umíš...")
Maybe you would be interested in reading English blogs? You can find two links to them on my blog. I recommend "Holographic meatloaf". The guy who owns it write interesting and funny articles and uses a wide vocabulary.

10 Marcella Marcella | Web | 31. august 2010 at 17:27 | React

[8]: Oh... I've just written this really long comment and then I pressed some key and it's all deleted! So once more - I've never heard "How do you do" in the meaning "Jak se ti daří", but in some American English slang I wouldn't be surprised if it had this meaning. :-)
I understand that you can make some mistakes just because you're writing the articles quickly and I understand that you don't read the articles again - I don't do that eather.:-)
I think I will visit your blog from time to time ;-) So see ya!

11 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 31. august 2010 at 18:39 | React

[9]:[10]: Do you know that song from Roxette- How do you do? :-D I think that in English exist lots phrases for this situation "jak se mas/ti daří" so we will be suprised with the number. Lots of slang things for "How are you doing". For example we have also one in czech " Jak ti dupou králíci" - I'm pretty sure that, if some americans asked me with some kind slang like this...I'll propably not understand :-D

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