From dusk till dawn

4. august 2010 at 17:16 | Halfdann |  Thoughts

Well after a while I finally decide to write another article. Besides that Im a bit tired and I have no idea about what I want to write. And the week theme is not so comfortable - so I asked my girlfriend to write about it 'cause its her favourite theme but I think she finish it another time.


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Also I maby told you before that Im going to join an english camp in my town - and this is the week of the camp so Im speaking every day from dusk till down and Im really tired about it. Because you know, talking in another language whole day and thinking in a different way, its exhausting, really. Maby you know that feeling.

Also Im not in good mood these days. Im not sure maby its because of the fact that Im tired but, also I think that is here some abother reason maby because of my girlfriend, because Im not so much with her, sometimes twice a week sometimes its less but Im sad about it. You know, love hurts. Well Im hoping that it will be better in few days..or..max. weeks.

OK. Now I want to give you an opportunity to give me an advice to play some song. As you know that I play drums, so if you write some of you favourite songs, and if the song will be good for me I could record/cover it for you :).
So please leave a comment.

By for now...

PS: I write this " from dusk till down " in a bold style because of the words...,the phrase.. rememberes me one song. So if you want to, check it and listen. The band is called Agony and they comes from Ceske Budejovice. Enjoy'!

The song is called also: "From dusk till down"
Here's the link:

PS 2. : I dont know why I've chosen this phrase for a title..but I think its interesting an maby it describes in some way how I feel now....and what Im doing ...from dusk till down...Dont ask me what, 'cause Im not going to tell you what :-(

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