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Well, AngEl, one of my internet " blog friends ", ispire me to write this article. I think that this is another opportunity to write something, I hope that not pointless.
Well its explanation of my nicknames...And I hope that some of them could be truly funny and interesting, and for someone I hope that inspirational. :)


Let me start with a quote from an comment page.

AngEl's said:
"I like your new desing. For me this castle means some kind of fairy tales, elfs, knights, old times, magic. oh .. I liked it, I like it, I´ll like it ..:D"

And this comment has started somewhere in my mind some reaction which has leaded to - >

Me said:

I agree with you and your imagination,'cause the desigign also reminds me the stuff as you said.
- maby the reason why I've chosen this design is because I've played quite long time MMORPGs and RPGs on my PC...so I like fantasy things and especialy elfs and knights.

For example the name, the nickname " Halfdann " rightly comes from one time, when I've played Lineage II. Well nearly all of my nicknames comes from that time. Every character of mine, had special name. Lets get back to the name halfdann.

For me Halfdann was a knight, more specificly, human knight - PALADIN. What a great warrior.
Maby I'll continue in an article :)...
But thanks fro leaving a comment :) See ya. "

Let me proceed with this idea of explanation and describing :).I hope that you'll not think that I'm some kind of a nerd...well maby...:-D I'm.
OK back into the theme.

Nicknames of mine:

Xenon,Ragnok,Halfdann,Ethernity,Delain,Panoramix,Amon Amarth.....the others I've forgot.

Xenon -
It all started when I was pretty young. Maby about 10 or 11 years old. My parents was invited by our friends to their house, and I agreed to went with them. When we've had arrived they told me that I should go to theirs children's room. Well when I came in that room, they definitely weren't children - two boys in age 18 and 22, I think. Well not so interesting - but, they were playing AGE of Empires and Counter Strike with their friends through wi-fi connection.
And they were so polite, they asked me, if I want to join them playing Counter Strike after they finish one battle in AGe of empires. I agreed - You know :) a boy in my age - Tell me who will refuse this invitation :).

Ok and then came the moment - " What nickname do you want to have?...Do you have some? "
The younger boy asked me. I answered " Well, I dont have PC at home, only at school.....and I dont have a nickname yet...I dont know :( "
" Come on man....Just pick up some..." he said.  Then I saw on the monitor that his nickname was " Neon ".....- What would you do, in this situation?Imagine the answer?
Yes - I've answered " Xenon ".
Since my 10-11years I'm walking through internet and PC games almost..and mainly with this nickname - XENON.

Well thats the main story of my first nickname in computer world, and Im really glad, and Im thankfull for that. Also when I saw the boy after 4 years, I've told him this story, he was amazed.Then I say thanked to him :)

BTW: Picture of Xenon in a Lineage II game, as a Spellhowler.
( Storm Screamer 80 lvl - Dark Crystal robe armor + Nightmare Shield +Arcana mace)


Folowing nicknames are mainly from pc games and one of my favourite book, you'll see.


Another great nickname of mine - for someone who know the name of " Ragnarok" - NO! its not that. This nickname is originaly from one book called "EPIC", the only book which I've read many times and which I love. (Epic - author: Conor Kostick)
Ragnok in that book was the most negative and bad character. But also powerfull with quite big knowledge. The reason why I picket the nickname of this bad guy was only for his power and for the style, how he was fighting. And because he was insidious.

This name I've chosen for my character in Lineage II, for a human - rogue - treasure hunter.
This specialization is for character, using leather armors for critical attacks and movement or dodge. Their weapons is daggers (or bows but, treasure hunters are using daggers)

Picture of Ragnok:

(Dark Crystal leather armor + Soul Separator)

(Majestic leather armor + soul separator)


Halfdann is another nickname from the book EPIC, also I've used is in a lineage game and now I've chosen this nickname for a blog :).Maby the reason why is that in the book, Halfdann is wise man, good and polite - completely positive person/character.
In the Lineage world, Halfdann is symbol for strenght and endurance. Because Halfdann was a human knight - paladin. The only character which is able to handle many monsters and creatures attack on him and the only one who is able to survive and hold an interest of Raid/Boss monsters. (the big, really big monsters, noone can do that - only paladins)
So thats the reasons - I can say that this nickname I've conected with wisdom,endurance,strenght, politnes and so on - but I'm not saying that Im as good as Halfdann :-D Only the nickname is briliant.

Picture of Halfdann in a Lineage world:

Avadon heavy armor full set + Heavy War Axe


Ethernity -
Female name for Dark Elf in lineage world used by me. Ethernity was my enchanter.

Delain -
Female dwarf - bounty hunter (harvesting goods from monsters)

Panoramix -
Male name for my Elven enchanter.

Amon Amarth -
Name for my Fenrir - big dog which you can ride on.(Fenrir)

And thats all. Maby booring article for you - but the pictures you can like :)

See Ya


Heres also one example of the game, Lineage. This video was dedicated to clan 666 which is now dead and its only in our hearts. It makes me sad, cause it was great,with great people, and it all passed away....

This video, footage,images,photos was taken and recorded by me, and another photos was taken by my friends.Thanks to Asuria, Farrah, Arenor...

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