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1. july 2010 at 0:01 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Well new week arrived and brings us new week's theme but I dont like it and I dont feel very comfortable about it....

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So where I should start? The toy theme is another very universal. Maby more than previous themes. :-D

Well back into the theme. Well I think that conception of toy is growing with us. I mean that there are toys for small babies - some tough plastic funny things which are making lots of silly or loud noises. Also toys for children - better then the first, and its dolls,barbies,cars,lego brick-boxes,small bikes etc. Toys for adolescents - well..Im an adolescent and I think that toys for them are nearly the same like toys for adults maby except cars.(for younger than 18)

Maby some of you are thinking about what I've just wrote. " Does he wrote that car is a toy?"
Hell yeah :). And thats my point - we have toys for every class of age :). From small "silly" things to big and serious things.

But when we are in some age class and when we have the "toys" for the class , we dont thing that the toys are stupid or silly etc, but the other classes think so. I mean that small little baby have colorful plastic fish - and this is really important for the baby. Maby in my age (nearly 18) we could think that the fish is stupid and our laptop is better....but same like us the babies could think that the fish is better and the laptop(notebook) is stupid,useless thing :-D :).

Maby you get my point :)
And thats all..
C ya


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3 Terka Terka | Web | 1. july 2010 at 8:13 | React

heyyyy Sheldon, that´s cool guy :D Thank you for your regards :)

4 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 1. july 2010 at 9:15 | React

Yep. I love sheldon. I've seen every episode from TBBT series. And I have one red T-Shirt with "Flash" motive. :)

5 Evelin Evelin | Web | 4. july 2010 at 12:37 | React

..yeah, laptop is very silly thing :D, but I understand, what you mean.
Nice article :)

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