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3. july 2010 at 12:42 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Greetings bloggers'!

Well Im here with maby the last article befor I leave for my summer vacation. Im going to be there for more than 14 days.Of course without electricity, mobiles,PC,etc..etc. well its a camp :-D. cause its a camp. Im really looking forward to it but Im gonna miss you bloggers...miss my friends..miss my girl. This camp is situated in south bohemia - near the city Nove Hrady - in Nakolice. I was there every year since my 11. And finaly after 5 or 6 years Im ready to be an instructor :) for the first time - im also looking forward to it but Im also a bit worried cause you know " with grat power comes great responisbility " :-D.

See ya after two weeks :) and be nice xD :)


//Edit 17.August

I'm still waiting for photos from the camp. Our leader told me that he must edit them and pick-up some of the better, and that he has thousands of photos so its gonna' take a while.

Also I have for you an advice. If you are interested in camps (in a forrest,nice countryside,tents etc) And you are in age about 8 - 15. You should visit this web page for more information about this camp - and if you want to, you are welcome to come to join this camp.


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