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20. july 2010 at 16:58 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Hello there'
Well, when I arrived from the summer vacation, there was week theme " Facebook " but I decided to skip this theme 'cause Im not so comfortable about it and theres so many posibilities for it - but after all I have FB account :-D :). Well about facebook later, now lets get back into the theme " Holiday "


Finally most of us have a holidays, and Im glad because this year was tough not only for me. I must say that every year :-D Im looking forward to next summer holidays even on 1.September :-D.
This summer holidays Im going to be very busy, I started it with 14 days of summer children camp then I have few days free. What's goin' to happen next - Im going to do drivers license, its going to be hard for my because Im not good at driving :-D. Then Im looking forward to English camp - couple friends from USA are going to visit us and improve our English language :). And after this actions...its going to be maby last 2 weeks of summer holidays - when I want to celebrate lots of birthdates with my friends :) more than 4 friends will celebrate 18 years of being here :-).

And now Im in hurry to go record another music video cover.
I will add it here after I finish uploading into some server.

Leave comment and share wit us your experience from summer vacation..dont be shy :)


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Chtěla by si desing s Ashley?? ... jestli ano tak se podívej sem

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