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Once I've made one be different in this blog society. When I browsed and its blogs, and that was lots of blogs, I saw plenty of nice, I mean really nice blogs - perfect design,selfmade articles/sections,photos etc. But no-one, except English titles, has fully charged :) English written blog.


But my point is, that sometimes is for me hard to write in English some of my ideas. You know, for example when you want to make a joke, tipical for czech language, some slang or idiom - I can't use that. Its impossible to re-make, translate czech joke/idiom into English sentence. But in English language exists nearly the same amount of idioms like it is in czech. But :) I don't know them xD.

Just today I was thinking about the language of my blog, what about to change it. :-D I was thinking about it only for a few seconds. Change it? That would by the end of my first spirit, my idea to be different. Also it would be pointless to write some stupid articles " thoughts " in czech. You know, maby I write only bulls*its but its in english so everyone has a chance to read that, and improve his reading :).

Well, lets change the topic. I've got one thing in my head. I must ask you, well, its out of the bowl but nevermind, could you recommend me some good film? That you saw these days?
And question, maby for boys, could you recommend me some good PC-game, that you have played? Thx I will appreciate your suggestions.


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1 Lian Walker Lian Walker | Web | 25. july 2010 at 19:26 | React

You got a pretty nice idea, not many people seem to appreciate it though:) I think you should leave it the way it is if its better for you, like i sometimes find it easier to express myself in english... i wonder why xD
its hard to recommend movies when I dont know your taste, some good stuff I watched recently was the Fifth Element, X-men movies, G.I. Joe was kinda fun, when you dont think about all impossible stuff they do there... and Im just thinking about watching some old classic action movies, like Lethal Weapon or Die Hard.:)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 25. july 2010 at 19:40 | React

Ou :) Thanks very much for your comment and those recommendation for films - I totally forgot about this films.

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