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17. june 2010 at 22:22 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Today was really great interesting day, except that I'm a bit sick. - headache and minor temperature.


Today I was with my school class in Austria in Linz - Ars Electronica Center and in small market town called Mauthausen. The main reason why we traveled to Mauthausen was that during II. World War there was concentration camp. This was my first time in a concentration camp - its a good experience- to see how was it like.

Also dont know to explain my feelings - maby if anybody of you was there,you will understand.
Yes, I've got it - ANGER.... I've always hate germans because of 2nd WW and because their stupid language and how they are behaving in other countries. When I saw the pictures from the concentration camp Mauthausen - my hate for Germans grews bigger.

But on the other side the second part of the trip - to Ars electronica museum. That was OUTSTANDING. Completly cool. If one of you have oportunity to get there - I recommend you to go there. Lots of usefull information,lots of electronic stuff and you can touch nearly everithing and you can try it on your own. Also the personal around me was really polite and kind.

Thats all....Im ready to go to bed cause Im a bit warmer than I should be....heh xD
- and I'm still finding some videouploading service, now Im trying metacafe.com.
I hope this will work at the end....

C ya...

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