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23. june 2010 at 20:43 | Halfdann |  Drumming
Hi everybody !

Today I'd like to introduce ,not myself again, but my "crazy" friend Tomas or cOnex you can call him.
Well as you maby already know, Im a musician and besides that I have one small band and recording/covering my favourite bands and songs, I've met about 6 years ago another musician...


and the another musician 6 years ago was - Felix..todays cOnex or his normal name Tomas.
We have met online, in one online-FPS game called " Call of Duty 1 ". One day he told me if I want to join his team/clan. I said that it'll be fun, then we've found another few players and startet Clan matches.
Well those days, cOnex and I was maby 11 or 12 years old, but rest of our clan were not. They were maby 17,18 and more - So they must go to the university and stop playing this game.
And that was our broke up,,,,our end.
Then conex and I shared our icq numbers and then we never play again witch each other maby for 1 or 2 years(maby more). Sometimes I call him or write him, how is he going but nothing special.

But in year 2008 I think he suddenly send me a message by ICQ. He wrote me and explain me that he just want to learn how to play electric guitar.
I said that this is really good idea and he should try it. Those days I was playing drums maby for 3 years yet. He worked on himself really hard.

Then he started to recorded him, how is he playing on guitar. I was amazed!He was on fire!And I was full of joy. :) Then he told me that I should record myself to, how I play on drums.
But those days I've had acustic drums. - Really hard to record acustic drums without special pressure microphones.
Then suddenldy came one bad situation in our small band and I had to buy a new drums, an electric drums - Yamaha DTX Press IV - for nearly 30 000 CZk.
I did so, and bought the drums.
And with an electric drumset is recording really easy and better. Only one 3.5 jack cable is needed :).
And here we are in year 2009/2010

Then I made first record of me, sent it to cOnex, and he told me its really cool.
Since then, nearly every week or month we share to each other our recordings.

One day he build up some guitar riff and I add some drums. Then we made a few recordings which I want to share with you in another few articles.

And thats all about us and our virtual - band history.

And why virtual band? Because we are more than 250 km far away from each other, and everything, every record etc, we share/sending by icq or facebook.

What about you? Do you have some experience like that?

Here is one of our better recordings. Not our first recordings but first good and listenable recording. Its called " Ode to the Earth "

Hope you'll like it.


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1 Infantility* Infantility* | Web | 27. june 2010 at 13:23 | React

So, Yes, I play the guitar. I love it! And i like singing.

You, guys, have a big dream and that´s amazing. I like people who have a afeeling for music. Your style isn´t completely my cup of coffee, but i like it. It is full of you. But one thing is missing. Singing. ;-)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | 27. june 2010 at 21:44 | React're right..Singing is what we want but, you know, its hard to find someone. I know some people around me but most of them are just tooooo lazy :-/. Too bad.

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