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15. june 2010 at 6:59 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
What's goin' on? Maby you've alredy seen it but Ive not seen it yet. Maby its cool these days.


Well you might think that I'm really new in blog. cz and you might think that I have no say in this, but you are wrong. Well this is my new blog created few days ago. But before this blog I've had little pause - about 2 years and before this pause I've had one blog called "Mc Royal blog/web " and this was my first blog since 2005, think. - So really old than most of todays blogs.

What's changed since my first blog? - after I deleted it?
Nearly everything. In some way the change was good but in some parts also bad.
At first the good things and its the look and design of blogs. This is really on high level. Most of todays blogs are looking quite good, they are impressing others with their design but not often with their articles and themes.

I think that olders blogs has better quality of their articles. But today I've seen some blogs , also in " AK " section - and there was system of not quality but quantity of articles.
I thought that really short articles in AK are forbidden I mean articles like some posts on twitter
-- " je mi spatne du si lehnout" another " dneska nebudu nic psat..zatim se mejte ".
Thats driving me crazy. You know one or two articles - ok all of us can handle it but - Im not interested in this short articles - I want to read some full and purposefull articles of todays creative bloggers.
But I think, that short articles like I said , it belongs onto

What do you think?

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1 €l!sShQa €l!sShQa | Web | 15. june 2010 at 7:07 | React

pěkný dess :-)

2 halfdann halfdann | Web | 15. june 2010 at 9:03 | React

Thx :-)

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