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30. june 2010 at 17:46 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Im not shure if the title is correct, but today was not so great day...
Many children recieved their final ceriticate/report. But I dont care about marks etc...
I care about...

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I care about one thing and the thing is my lovely girlfirend. Im  NOT going to see her for 18 LONG DAYS. :-( I love her so...soo much. This long time is going to kill me.Just now I wanna hold her hands and kiss her. Im too romantic :). I must endure....maby for me is better 2 weeks without her. You know, I was more than one year without some relationship...and suddenly some beautiful angel descented from heaven. It was for me more than a cure...I explain you why i think so. When I have some opportnity to drink(alcohol) I get wasted nearly everytime. I've played MMORPGs hours per day. I was dependent on these two things and I was without flavour to go out.*

But after some days spend with her,I asked if she wants to go with me to some SKA concert, and when the day come I ask her if she wants to start some serious relationship.....and she answered with the very best posible answer for me...."YES".

*She rid my dependencies off me. She completly changed me. I dont drink anymore max. 1 beer with her.I dont play the MMORPGs anymore.I started to go out..I started to enjoying the life.
And Im glad.And Im so thankfull to her.

Well so I unload myself.
And now Im ready to ask you some questions. What about you?What about your final certificate?
And do you have some similar experiences with relationship?
Leave comment pls.


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1 Terka Terka | Web | 30. june 2010 at 19:40 | React

it is really nice article, but you have there a few grammatical mistakes. Make sure with it called spelling? I am not sure xD But, again, it is fantastic, you are in love with her so much :)
And I had on my certificate two 2:)

2 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 30. june 2010 at 21:41 | React

Aaa thanks very much :). Well next time let me know where the mistakes are. Cause most of my articles I dont read after their completion :-D

And back to theme "certificate" ..OH :-O :-) only two 2?..NIICEE you are really smart don't you?
Well my marks..are bad when I comare them with yours :-D seven 3 :-D(but for me its good :) at 8 years Gymnasium)

3 Tina Tina | 1. july 2010 at 0:52 | React

I have to say that it is very nice idea to write blog in English. Perfect (and funny,right?:)) way to learn foreign language. And this is really nice article, but -as Terka said- you have a few gramatical mistakes. For example you can't write "Many childrens" because children is plural word itself  (Well,I'm not sure about this sentence. Do you understand what I mean? My English is absolutely not as good as the English of the native speaker and I still don't know how to say what I mean everytime I I'm sorry, but at least I tried :-D)

4 Halfdann Halfdann | Web | 1. july 2010 at 9:14 | React

Ooooh.! Now I see the mistake. :) Thanks lot, Im going to fix it. And You completly understand why I created this blog :) Im really glad.
You know always there will be some mistakes but nevermind :) we can learn from them :).

C Ya

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