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15. june 2010 at 22:54 | Halfdann |  Thoughts
Try to think about and its features. - It really changed since the first version of the
I could say that is today the best-blog service/site in Czech Republic.

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I've tried really a lot of blog sites and not only in CR. And NONE of them was as individual as way how you can edit your blog, redesign it and so many posibilities with an user friendly interface - I've never found such a good service like is.
I could say that every blog is differend, you have completly "free hand" when you are editing it.
Also for newbies - there is some prepared designs for new bloggers with not much experience yet.

But as we can see, is "growing up" and developers are doing really good job. They always thinking about new stuff, and in the heart of the blog, sometimes they are asking us what to do- what to add - if we like new design - etc. etc.
And Im one of the bloggers that appreciate this stance.

Well, however I've figured out this features that could be cool. What do you think?

- The main article:
It means that you could pick up one of your articles for example : " Welcome " or " Vitejte " or somethink like that. And this article will be always on the front page of your blog.
Always upon your everydas new articles.
This feature could help you to show one of your articles with some important content which your visitors should read.

- The video feature:
Video uploading services is today very common thing. And I belive that can handle it. Also uploading your vidos to services like youtube,stream maby facebook etc. can took a long time, and muted audio lines and badly synchronized video previews are normal things. - You must have also the account to use this services.
So what about video-uploading service on This sounds really comfortable, and it could be better and more compatible then the others.

- The domain feature:
Simple. Some small companies could use it. Or maby some bloggers will also preciate that.
To release some new kinds of domains. (,, etc)
Or completly remove the domain of service and look like a real hosting service system. For example my site will be transformed from to www.halfdan. cz
But this feature sould work only for a small amount of donation of course.

Well thats maby the very first things what I was thinking about.Thats enough for this time.
What do you think?Are you agree with me or not?Or do you figured out some other feature?

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